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You’ve Heard about Yahtzee what about Yardzee?


That’s right it’s an oversized outdoor Yahtzee set that is super fun for all ages. I am totally in love with DIY outside games. I have seen a few online and knew I wanted to make my own. Earlier I made an Oversized Dominoes set (Tutorial HERE) and it turned out amazing. The next game I really wanted to make was an outside Yahtzee set. After all like Dominoes it deals with numbers and patterns so I figured that even my kids (who are all still very young) could play.


  • The fist challenge was finding the wood for an affordable price. I looked at craft stores and online and let me tell you pre-cut and sanded wood blocks are expensive (especially at the 4″ size) That’s when I decided to go to my local Lowes store. BINGO! I discovered they have 4×4″ by 8′ boards for like $9.18. Now this think of wood can be tricky to cut (due to the thickness and the safety guards you have to cut halfway through one side and then flip over and finish cutting through the other side.


lowes lumber


  • I didn’t have the right equipment nor the skill yet to use it if I could borrow it. However, I discovered that Lowes could cut the wood for me. The first 2 cuts were free and after that, it was just .25 a cut. I was able to cut the whole length of wood into 4″ sections for just $5 (and I got enough wood blocks to make 5 Yardzee sets! and that’s with the loss of wood that happens when making lots of cuts.) I am thinking that I will either sell the other sets or give them as Christmas presents.


  • After I brought the wood home I asked my husband to sand down the rough sides and edges to get them ready for me to paint. Thankfully we do own a power sander so it didn’t take too long to sand all of them.

DIY Yardzee With FREE Printables


  • Next, I painted the blocks. Since I decided to use bright colored vinyl (from Cricut) for the dots on the dice I decided to paint the blocks white. I think I did like 2-3 coats of Craft acrylic paint since I was using white and wanted it to be evenly coated. I think I went through 3 bottles of craft acrylic paint (that I got from Michaels for .97 each)


DIY Yardzee With FREE Printables (1)


  • While the paint was drying I pulled out my Cricut Explore Air™ and started working on the dots. I wasn’t sure which sized dots to use on the blocks so I made a few different sized circles on my Cricut Design Space™ program and cut them out of regular white paper to lay on an unpainted block to pick the size. Then I used that size and copied it till I had enough dots for the Yardzee set (21 dots per dice x 5 dice = 105 dots) Then I found the roll of vinyl I wanted to use, put it on my Cricut cutting mat and set my trusty Cricut machine to cutting out all the dots. (You can access my Design Space Canvas HERE)


Cricut Design Space Canvas for Yardzee Dots


  • After the paint had dried I applied all the vinyl dots. and then applied a coat of Mod Podge to each side to reinforce the dice to make sure the dots don’t come off. (The second set I made with Red Vinyl what do you think?)


DIY Yardzee With FREE Printables


  • Then after the Mod Podge dried I sprayed each block with 2 coats of Clear polyurethane as a final protection and to keep the blocks from sticking together in the heat.


DIY Yardzee With FREE Printables


  • Last, of all I had my hubby create some printable score cards and a sign to go on the front of the 5-gallon bucket that you use to store the game in and use to roll the large dice. For the score cards, you can either print them out each time you want to play or you can laminate a few copies to use over and over again with dry erase markers.


DIY Yardzee (outside yahzee game)

Click Here to Download your Yardzee Sign and Score Card Printables! 

There is still time to make this for your Labor Day party. They would also make the best DIY Christmas Gifts.



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  1. I know this will seem like a silly question but how did you print the bucket template? I am trying to figure out what you used to stick it onto the bucket and if it will hold up to the usage?

    1. I used my cricut to cut the dots from vinyl that I just stuck on the nlocks. To add duribilty you can put a layer of mod podge over the vinyl

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