Don’t you just love Wedding Printables?


Right now I am working on a special Wedding Post for Cricut (which I can’t wait to reveal) and so I have weddings on my mind. So a few days ago I decided to have som fun designing these fun 8×10 Wedding Printables. Each of the printables I made in two versions. One in a Black and White Chalkboard style and the other in With with black ink (wich you can technically print on any colored paper to match the wedding colors.


The First Printable is for the Wedding itself. Where traditionally at Weddings there is a Brides side and a Grooms side for guest seating, this printable lets guests know that this wedding is going to be different. Guests are told to pick whichever seat they want for they are loved by both the bride and the groom. This is great for those weddings (which happens more often than you would think) where either a majority of the guests are mutual friends and acquaintances of both the bride and groom or when one side of the wedding party is significantly smaller than the other.


Pick a Seat  Pick a Seat (1)


The Second Printable is for those who are going to be taking pictures at the wedding and reception anyways encouraging them to tag their social media photos of the event with a certain Hashtag so that the Bride and Groom can easily find and gather them. (for even amateurs with smart phones can take some random awesome pictures. )


Help us Capture the Love  Help us Capture the Love (1)



The Third Printable is all about the cake. This printable is a fun one that is great to have either near the official wedding cake or on the table where the sheet cakes are served for the guests. Yes. Let’s eat cake!


All You need is Love & Cake (1) All You need is Love & Cake


The Fouth Printable is for the Bride and Groom send off. In the olden days, guests would send off the happy couple with rice (however, that became controversial due to birds ingesting the rice and getting sick. Then it became the thing to throw birdseed. But let’s face it what bride wants a bunch of seeds stuck in her hair. Now it is popular to use bubbles for day time send-offs and for night sendoffs to light the way with Sparklers (and sometimes in the cases of little children glow sticks). This printable is great to place near the sparklers to let guests know when the send-off is planned for.




These printables are in a PDF format so you can either print them at home or professionally. and are in the 8×10 format. to display you can attach the printable to a larger sign,  stick to a post or even frame it to display on the table. I hope you enjoy them!


Click HERE to download the Chalkboard version.


4 free printable wedding signs (Inked Version)

Click Here to download the Inked version. 




Which version do you like the best for the Wedding Reception Signs? the Modern Chalkboard or the Vintage Inked ones?

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