Have you joined the Green fruit smoothie movement?


A few years ago my husband and I were introduced to the benefits of daily green fruit  smoothies. My brother and sister in law had started making them every day and just raved about the results they were seeing health wise. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to try them out for myself. After all, I had been doing everything I could to lose my baby weight from my last pregnancy so I could be healthy and feel more like myself again. If what they said was true, then it was worth trying out. 


And so my husband and I broke down and bought ourselves a special blender (the same that my brother and sister-in-law were using) and started experimenting. We tried out a few online recipes and in the end made one of our own that became our go to morning smoothie.  Our recipe had a cup of assorted Frozen berries, (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries) 5-7 slices of frozen banana, a slice or two of fresh lemon, and a fist full of Spinach and Kale. Then we added water (and sometimes some soaked almonds.) When fully blended the color was a deep purple and the taste was Berry refreshing. You couldn’t even tell there were greens in it.


Just like my brother and sister-in-law, we immediately experienced great benefits from our morning smoothies. Here are the top 5 Benefits we experienced:


More Energy

Before I started having a green fruit smoothie each morning I found that I was often tired and crashing. This was especially true after a good workout. with energetic little kids I was constantly struggling to keep up. The first thing I noticed when I started drinking fruit smoothies was that I was no longer crashing and had a lot of energy to make it through the day.


Decrease in Hunger

Before I started drinking daily green fruit smoothies I found that I was always hungry which sadly equated to constantly snacking throughout the day. Of course, this was good for my diet. After I started my daily green fruit smoothies I noticed a drastic decrease in my munchies.



Overall Improvement in Health.

Because green fruit smoothies are high in antioxidants, packed with vitamins and nutrients I found that my overall health was vastly improved. I even noticed that my digestion was better. I have a lot of stress in my life and so I often have an upset stomach and acid reflux but that wasn’t happened as much after I started the green fruit smoothies.


Weight Loss

Due to the above-mentioned benefits of health, energy, and decreased appetite I found that I was able to move past my long standing plateau and my weight began to drop again. My clothes felt better and my skin had a healthier glow. I LOVED IT!


They Taste Great!

The smoothie recipe that we created tasted like frozen berry smoothie. You would never guess it had my daily dose of greens mixed in as well. Because it looked and tasted so good even my kids enjoyed them.


Sadly, with the craziness of these last several months (which included a job change for my husband, and a move) we sort of fell out of the habit of having daily green fruit smoothies. I have sorely missed them and their benefits. It’s time to get back into my healthy habits.


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