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Need some wedding Inspiration?


I have to tell you that I live in wedding central. Or at least that is how it seems.  Because of this, I have attended many many weddings in my almost 34 years of life. Heck in my younger years I use to coordinate and cater weddings. I absolutely loved it! There is just something magical about two people soo in love that they are willing to trust their life and future to another.


When it comes to planning a wedding there are many choices a bride-to-be must make. Surprisingly one of those choices involves children. “Yes Kids” or “No Kids” in regards to a wedding and reception is actually a big deal for many. We have all heard the horror stories of children at weddings. Like the children who ran their hands into the chocolate fountain, then running those chocolate covered hands across the front of the tablecloth so unsuspecting guest walked away sporting chocolate smears across their wedding finery. Stories of Wedding cake disasters caused by little children taking handfuls of wedding cake when no one was looking or knocking over the cake stand trying to get a closer look. And let’s not forget the stories of wedding decorations ruined by children running into them while playing tag.




It is horror  stories like these that have caused many a fearful bride to opt to have children banned from her wedding and reception. Yet other brides conscious of the strain this decision would place on those attending the wedding and reception who have children (especially those in the wedding party who are required to be present for a substantial part of the day and may even need to travel for the wedding) say ok…yes kids are allowed.



If you are one of the brides who choose to not have kids at your wedding I respect that. It is your day and therefore your choice. For those who choose to allow children to attend their special day, this post is for you. For following the decision to allow children, is usually the question, “What can be done to minimize the chances of a disaster happening?” My answer? Creating a Kid’s Corner for your little guests.


Today I am happy to be partnering with Cricut and Canon to show you how to easily make a classy and fun Kids corner that your little guest will LOVE!


For my DIY Kids Corner I used my Canon MG7720 to print + cut with the Cricut Explore Air which really made it all a breeze! This was the first time I had used the print and cut option on my Cricut Machine and I was surprised at how easy it all worked! I create printables all the time for my blog and Etsy Shop. And while I love printables, they can sometimes be a pain to cut all of them out by hand. It was soo nice to be able to use my own designs, and have my Cricut do all the hard work so all I had to do was glue and tape them together to create my DIY kids corner.

DIY Wedding Reception Kids Corner with Cricut #MyCricutStory


For my corner, I had two tables. One was decorated with a Banner and had all the edible treats on it. Since kids expect cake at weddings I designed some cute cupcake toppers that I added to mini cupcakes. Instead of cups and punch (which kids would make a mess with) I got juice boxes that I made wraps for to tie them in with the decorations. I advise choosing a juice that doesn’t stain since it will be drunk by kids. For my kid’s corner, I used Apple White Grape juice that I just bought at Wal-mart) Lastly I created little Kids Treat bags that I filled with special treats (You can fill your treat bag with a large cookie, popcorn, Candy or healthy treats.) and sealed them with a Printable Vinyl Sticker.


On a second table, I had fun Kids Wedding Activity booklets (Available at my Etsy Shop HERE) and had crayons wrapped up in sets of three with cute wedding design wraps. I didn’t put a table cloth on this table since the kids would be coloring and I wouldn’t want them to draw on a nice table cloth.

Now for how to make the Kids Corner Decorations:


  • Cricut Explore Air Machine
  • Cricut Design Space account
  • Design Files (download them below)
  • Color Printer (I used the Canon MG7720)
  • Cardstock in the color(s) of your choice (For this I used Navy Blue, Pale Pink, And Cream Colored Cardstock)
  • Printable Vinyl (for the treat bag stickers)
  • Cricut Tools
  • Cricut Scoring Tool
  • Tape
  • Glue


 “Kids Corner” Banner.  

DIY "Kids Corner" Banner with Cricut! #MyCricutStory


To make the banner I first opened Cricut Design Space creating a Wedding Banner File (I like to save my work as I go just in case anything happens) Then I clicked on the “Upload Image” option on the left-hand side of the screen.  and then select the Upload Image Button where I uploaded my Pennant Banner SVG Cut File Available HERE.




I then sized the Banner to 3.99 Width (which option was found under the Edit tab on the left-hand screen. To make the holes to string up the banner I created a circle shape sized .2  and placed it at the top corner of the pennant. Then clicking on the select all option on the top of my screen I then clicked on the slice button found in the layers option on the right-hand screen  this cut the circle into the pennant pattern (so I just had to delete the circles cut out. Once done I repeated this on the other corner.




Next, I selected the Add text option and using the Cricut font placed the letter over each pennant sizing it to make sure it fit right.




Lastly, I uploaded my Bride and Groom PNG file (click here to download free file) once the image was selected I chose The  Complex Image.




After that, you have to select the uploaded image to insert it onto your Design Canvas.




I sized the Couple to fit in the Pennant (2.45 Width) and was ready to start printing and cutting so I clicked the Cricut Go Button. The Cricut software places the Bride and groom design on a page for me to print and then cut. After making sure that my Canon MG7720 was loaded with the correct color cardstock, I Click the “PRINT” button to print my design. I used a cream colored Cardstock for the Bride and Groom.




I love that the Canon MG7720 which I used for this project was perfectly compatible with Cricut’s Design Space and I was able to wirelessly communicate with the printer to print the design with the print marks for the circuit to be able to perfectly cut out the design afterward. When using the print and cut option circuit makes a bleed edge so that you get a crisp cut with no white edges. I love how quickly the printer worked and how crisp the designs came out.  (I can’t wait to use the other features on my new printer since it is a all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier. I can even print gorgeous photos directly from my favorite social media accounts like Instagram! And as I have seen with my own eyes the images printed will look amazing thanks to Canon’s quality. For those interested I even took the Photos of my DIY kids corner with my brand new Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera. I am still learning my way around a Dslr camera but I am loving it. )




After printing the Bride and Groom Images I placed the printed cardstock carefully on my Cricut mat matching up the top left corners, and then after loading the mat into my Cricut Explore Air I click Go again and proceeded to cut out the images. I was excited to see how well the Cricut would cut out my images since this was my first time and I was soo happy with the results.

(p.s. I forgot to take a picture of the printer printing the print and cut design for my banner or my Cricut cutting them so  I am using the images I took of the printer and Cricut printing and cutting the cupcake toppers)





Next. I was prompted to load the Cardstock for my Banners and Letters into the Cricut and click Go to cut them all out.




After everything was cut out I glued them together and strung them up on my DIY  stand. Which I will have to post the DIY for how to make later. 😉


Cupcake Toppers.

DIY Wedding Cupcke wrappers with Cricut #MyCricutStory

These were easy. You can access my Cupcake Topper Design Space Canvas HERE. You will have to upload the PNG files (which you can get HERE) into the canvas and size them to 1.45 width to make them the right size. Then follow the instructions from above to Print and Cut. After printing, and cutting the design, and cutting the background circles out of the desired colored Cardstock, I glued them together then adhered them to toothpicks with a small piece of tape and stuck them into the mini Cupcakes frosted in a shabby chic rose style.



The Cupcake Toppers come with 4 hand drawn designs: the bride and groom design (found on the other kid’s corner decorations) a wedding cake, “I Do” Rings, and a chapel. You can print 3 sets (or 12 images) of the toppers on one print and cut page.


Kid’s Corner Juice Boxes.


DIY Wedding juice Box Wrappers with Cricut #MyCricutStory


You can access the Design Space canvas for the Outer wrap (which includes the score lines for easier wrapping.) HERE. Then you just upload the Bride and Groom Juice Image PNG (get the free PNG HERE) according to the instructions above and after uploading it into the canvas size it to 1.9 width and following the instructions above print and cut. You will need the Scoring tool when you cut the actual wraps so that the Cricut Explore Air can score the cardstock for you making it easier to wrap crisply around the juice box. Then assemble by wrapping the juice box and securing the wrap with a small piece of tape or glue and then glue the bride and groom image to the front. I was able to get 4 images per print and cut sheet.




I chose to detach the straws and put them in a pile next to the juice boxes for easier access.



Kids Corner Treat Bags.


DIY Wedding Treat Bags for Kids with Cricut #MyCricutStory


To make the Vinyl stickers for the treat bags I uploaded the “Enjoy the Treats” PNG file (Which you can get for free HERE) into a blank design space canvas. Then sized them to 2.4″ Width. I was able to fit 6 per a print and cut page.  I did mine in Pink and blue but since I don’t know your colors I changed the file to be just black and white which should still be super cute as well.  I had to place the sheets of printable vinyl sheets face down on the paper try for my Canon MG7720 for it to print on the correct side (if you aren’t sue which side to place the vinyl in your printer then do a simple test by writing on both sides of a sheet of paper (up on one side & down on the other and printing)




After printing, I carefully placed the printed vinyl on the mat again careful to line up the top left corner. And then set the Cricut Explore Air to Custom and then on the Design space Print and Cut screen selected Printable Vinyl. This made it so the Cricut would cut through the vinyl part leaving the backing intact so I could peel the sticks off and stick them on the bags.


Crayon Wraps & Activity Books


DIY Wedding Crayon Wraps & Activity Books with Cricut #MyCricutStory


You can access the Crayon Wrapper Canvas HERE. Then just upload the Crayon Wrap Image PNG (Get the image here) and upload it into the canvas. Sie the image to 3″with and following the instructions above print and cut. Then just wrap first one then the next layer around three crayons sticking with a small piece of tape.


 Kids Wedding Activity Booklet  Kids Wedding Activity Booklet


You can get the Printable Activity Booklet for $4.50 on my Etsy Shop HERE (after which you can print as many as you want) after printing the booklet fold in half and staple down the middle ) the  printable comes with instructions and is formatted for double-sided printing so the booklet only takes 2 pages of paper. You can print on cardstock but paper works just fine and is cheaper.


Whether you are allowing guests to bring their kids to your wedding and reception or just want to provide something for the children in the wedding party this DIY kids Corner will be a hit! And with your Cricut Explore Air and Canon MG7720 Printer, it is super easy to put together!


There are so many ways you can use your Cricut help you take your wedding personalization and project creativity to the next level!


It’s your story. Make it personal.

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