(Mimi’s Cafe provided this complimentary meal in order to facilitate my honest review. The thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Read my full disclosure here.)

Did you know that Mimi’s Cafe has contests for new menu recipes?


Apparently, Mimi’s Cafe recently held a special contest for their dinners with a trip to France as the coveted grand prize. What was the contest for? Mimi’s Cafe was on the hunt for their next great Entree to add to their menu. Over 175 people entered and an original recipe for Honey Lavender Pork Chop, submitted by Michael Watz of Evanston, Illinois was the winner.


When I first heard about Mimi’s soon to be newest entree I was intrigued.  I mean come on these pork chops are seasoned with Honey and Lavender. I was sure they would be good (or they wouldn’t be good) but I couldn’t imagine what they would actually taste like. This last Friday night I was able to put my curiosity to rest when my husband and I were invited to come try it out so I could write up my honest review here on my blog.




It had been a quite a while since my husband and I last ate at Mimi’s Cafe (we don’t get out on date’s as often as we would like let alone date where we get out to eat) so we were both pretty excited.  For those who haven’t eaten at a Mimi’s Cafe before they specialize in French styled American comfort food. I like how their restaurant is styled. The restaurant decor was very much in style with their food. Very Rustic french American cafe bistro esq. The atmosphere was quite cozy.


Our greeter and waitress were friendly and soon we were seated with our drinks (I went with my classic water with Lemon and my husband with a strawberry Lemonade. Before diving into our main course Honey Lavender Pork chops we just had to try their Spinach Artichoke dip with fresh in-house chips. It was sooo good I just wanted to savor every bite. We also enjoyed the complimentary bread ad butter while waiting for our main dish to arrive.





So how was the Honey Lavender Porkchop and mixed salad??


As I said I really had no idea what to expect. In my opinion, too often Honey glazes are waaaay to sweet.  I didn’t know what to expect with Lavender (normally something I associate with perfume and essential oils) as the main seasoning on the pork chop. Then when I learned the salad was a mixed salad (which was more adventurous in the mixing than any I had been shown before. It had lettuce, cranberries, apple slices, walnuts, potatoes, goat cheese and a light dressing.) found myself hesitating. I am just not a fan of that kind of salad. However, all the food we had tasted soo far was delicious so I decided to at least try it.


Mimi Cafe's Honey Lavender Pork Chops are amazing!


I decided to start with the salad. So I speared a mixture on my fork, closed my eyes and took a large bite. What I tasted blew me away. The flavors blended soo well I had to take another bite and another. I looked up at my husband and told him he needed to try the salad but he was busy blissfully trying the pork chops.  With the taste of the mixed salad still in my mouth, I took my first bite of pork chops. They were perfectly cooked and incredibly juicy and the flavors of the honey and lavender worked together to provide a deep savory flavor that perfectly coordinated with the salad. The food was soo good that our dinner conversation practiacally ground to a halt because we were too engrosed in enjoying the amazing flavors bursting in our mouths.


This is probably one of my favorite pork chop dishes I have ever tasted. I look forward to going back to  Mimi’s Cafe to have some more!



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