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If you could choose one word to describe your Life what would it be?


Today I am participating in Cents of Style’s Fashion Friday. This week they have these AMAZING “Life is…” V-neck t-shirts for only $15.95 + Free Shipping when you use the code: LIFEIS1. As always their Fashion Friday deal is good Friday, 9/23- Sunday 9/25.  There are 5 different “Life Is” T’shirts:

  • Life is GRAND
  • Life is TOUGH and so are You
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Life is SWEET
  • Life is an ADVENTURE



For this Fashion Friday I was asked to pick which t-shirt spoke to me and share why. While I love all the t-shirt messages, the one that spoke to me the most was the Life is an Adventure. I was soo excited to receive my shirt. I love the packaging for the shirt and even more, I love the soft feel and great way the shirt fit me. My husband says it is one of his new favorite shirts of mine.

Why does “Life is an Adventure” speak to me?




Maybe it is because for the longest time my life wasn’t an adventure. I went through the motions of life but for the most part, life seemed to pass me by.  In fact, I used to sit quietly at home half enviously watching my friends live their lives. all the while saying things life. “I Wish I could travel.”, “I Wish I could have my own business.”, “I Wish I could speak more than one language.”, “I Wish I was in better shape.”


Then one day I asked myself, “What is standing in the way of my wishes becoming realities?”  “What was keeping me from being the Heroine in my OWN ADVENTURE?” “What was keeping me from LIVING Life?” The answer in many cases was fear and insecurities and ok, maybe even some laziness.


Thankfully since that day of revelations many years ago everything has changed.  Now my life is a page turning Adventure where I never know what twist or turn will happen next. Sometimes my adventure comes with near devastating challenges (like when my husband was laid off from his job months after our 3rd child was born). And Sometimes there are thrilling victories (like after a year and a half of hard work on this blog finally reaching 30,000 page views. Yeah,  I totally did a happy dance that day.)  As the heroine of my own adventure, I have committed to embrace each moment (good and bad) as it comes. Embracing my adventure also means to me that I need to go out and LIVE my dreams.


Fashion Friday "Life is" T-Shirt Deal!


Soon my family will be embarking on our greatest adventure yet. For the last few years, my husband and I have talked about wanting to travel the US in an RV with our children. Earlier this year we decided to just do it. So we have now sold our home and most of our things and soon we will be leaving on our American Dream RV tour. We want to show our children the America we love. We want them to know that the American dream is still alive and that it isn’t just a 9-5 job or a house. The American dream is all about reaching for our dreams while staying connected to the past.




There will be Challenges. There always will be. However, when you embrace life as an adventure you know that there will be twist and turns, and unexpected moments that make your story worth telling. And as any good adventure, the Hero and Heroine will Always succeed in the end.



Which “Life is” shirt will you choose? Do tell and share why! Just remember this deal won’t last long! 

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