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Are you planning on taking your family to the Circus in the near future?


Recently I had the opportunity to take my family to go see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus when it came to SLC, Ut. We were all super excited, but I was also a bit hesitant. Let me explain. My children are aged 2, 4, and 6. While I knew they would all enjoy the experience, I wasn’t sure if my youngest two would be able to handle the long performance.  In which case, my experience wouldn’t be the greatest. Yet I knew they would want to go. So I decided to plan ahead and I am glad I did. Here are 5 tips and tricks to having the best circus experience with small children. 


Tips and Tricks for taking your Young Children to the Circus
1-Feed your kids a Healthy meal before going.

Feeding your kids a healthy  meal before going to the circus keeps your kids from having a Hangry meltdown in the middle of the performance. It also makes it so your kids can enjoy treats during the performance without getting tummy aches. This helps you to avoid a lot of unnecessary drama.

2-Arrive early to the performance. 

When you arrive at the Circus venue expect to have to wait in line due to security checks. If your tickets are at will call then you will have another line to wait in (like we did) You don’t want to  miss the opening of the show because you arrived too close to the start and are stuck waiting your turn in line. I recommend arriving 20 minutes early for this reason.

3-Prepare ahead of time for treats.

Either bring money for concession treats or bring a few small treats and a bottled drink in your bag. That way, when your little ones look around and see others enjoying circus treats you can avert a potential breakdown by being able to offer them something as well.

4-Be Prepared for LOUD noise and Bright lights.

If your child has a hard time sensory wise and you still plan on taking them to the Circus (because it is such an amazing experience) you might want to bring some soft headphones to lower the sound and some sunglasses to help with the bright lights just in case they start to get a little overwhelmed.

5-Have a backup entertainment plan. 

Yes, the circus is the main entertainment of the night. However ,sometimes really young kids (like my 2 & 4-year-olds) need something else in case they get bored, overwhelmed, fidgety etc so the rest of you can still enjoy the full experience. I brought along my kids Kindle fires, and headphones for this reason and am glad I did. While all my kids really enjoyed the circus my youngest two started getting majorly fidgety about half way through. At that time I was able to discreetly pull out their kids and head phones and with their screen on the lowest light setting for them to enjoy quietly (while looking up occasionally to catch a particularly awesome part of the performance) in their seats while the rest of us enjoyed the show.


If you are planning on taking your whole family to the circus (which you really should for it is an amazing experience) and you have small kids too, then don’t worry just plan ahead and then sit back and enjoy.


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