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Today I mourn the passing of Rick Walton.


After suffering for years with Parkinson’s Disease, and the last several months with an incurable Brain tumor, Rick Walton passed away this morning. I am glad he is finally at peace after suffering for so long, but my heart goes out to his family (my little sister included)


Who was Rick Walton?.

Well in addition to being my sister Jenny’s Father-in-law, Rick is known across the country as a very talented Children’s book author; having published well over 60 books during his lifetime.  One of my favorite wedding presents was a bundle of signed children’s book from Rick for my future children. Those books are amongst my children’s favorites.  


Top 6 Must HAve Children's Books By Rick Walton!


Once when asked why he chose to become a children’s book author he said, “I became a children’s writer because after trying almost every other career in the book I realized that writing for kids was one of the few things that I both enjoyed and I was good at” And good at it he was. Rick Walton’s books have been featured on the IRA Children’s choice list as well as Reading Rainbow (how cool is that?).  He was even on CBS This Morning several years ago.


Over the years I have enjoyed many an enjoyable conversation with Rick at various family gatherings. He had a unique  way of looking at the world that shone through his writing.  I shall miss him  but am grateful that he has left behind such a wonderful legacy in the form of his amazing children (one whom I get to call my brother) and his cleverly delightful books.


In honor of his passing, here is a list of my Top 6  Must Have Rick Walton Kid’s Books:


Bunnies on the Go


“From train to tractor, from boat to balloon, join the fun as an active bunny family takes a cross-country vacation….introducing young readers to different modes of transportation. All family vacations should be this much fun!”


Just me and 6,000 Rats


“Conjunction-junction, what’s your function? Author Rick Walton knows, and he’s delivered another delightful children’s book in the language arts series to teach budding new readers all about them. Conjunctions are used to link words, phrases, and clauses, but who knew that they could be so clever!”


One More Bunny


“In this first book of addition, the creators of So Many Bunnies introduce a whole new batch of playful, countable, addable bunnies to brighten story time, bedtime – any time.

There are things galore to count here, from bunnies to bumblebees. The more readers look, the more they will find. And when they are ready, there are sets of objects and numbers to add. Learning math has never been such fun!”


Once There was a Bullfrog


“There Was A Bull. . . (Frog) Is An Endearing Story of A Frog Who Lost His Hop. He Looks For It Everywhere: Under A Toad. . . (Stool), Behind A Dog. . . (House) and Under A Hedge. . . (Hog), But It’s Nowhere To Be Found. He Has A Cow. . . (Boy) Throw Him High In The Sky, But He Lands In A Field of Straw. . . (Berries). Thanks To A Diamond. . . (Back Rattlesnake) The Frog Regains His Hop.”


Why the Banana Split 


“So Why Did The Banana Split? Well, For The Same Reason The Jackhammers Hit The Road, The Lettuce Headed Out, and The Jump Ropes Skipped Town. It Was Even Enough To Make The Baseball Players Strike Out. Here’s A Hint: It’s Bigger Than A Bread Box. and Named Rex. With Jimmy Holder’s Sly Illustrations Bringing Every Pun To Life, Rick Walton’s Verbal Deftness Will Leave Readers Splitting Too–Their Sides.”



Bunny Christmas


“Join the festivities, as a cheerful bunny family prepares for a happy Christmas with all the trimmings. Mom and dad, brother and sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents come together to make merry. These bunnies really know how Christmas should be celebrated!”

I think I shall go and read some of these to my children today. 


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