(I was sent this dress and blanket scarf from Cent’s of Style to facilitate this Fashion Friday Story, but the views expressed are entirely mine. This post also contains affiliate links which hwlp mw keep my blog going so thank you. Read my full disclosure here)


It’s Fashion Friday Story Weekend and I am in love with this month’s Long Sleeve Swing Dress!


Back when I was skinny (think pre 3 kids) it was easy to find clothes that looked good on me. I could literally walk into any department or clothing story and know that anything I picked up would look great on my body. These days it’s a whole different story. I sometimes get sooo frustrated that due to too many circumstances (which I wont get into right now) that I still haven’t my body back from my last pregnancy. In fact, I have even gained a pound or three since then. sigh. Because of this, I like a lot of clothes that just don’t like me back.  With the Fall weather setting in I wanted a pretty dress that I could wear casual to go out with my hubby or friends or dress up to wear for church or nicer events. I also wanted a dress that would look good on me now as well as when I have lost weight (which I am working hard at doing). 




When I saw Cent’s of Style‘s popular Long sleeve Swing dress I knew it was what I had been looking for I mean there is a reason this is one of Cent’s of Styles most popular dresses.  It comes in 17 amazing colors and sizes small to 3x (looking great on all sorts of body types!


When Cent’s of style asked me how I would style their uber popular Long Sleeve Swing Dress I immediately thought “With a plaid blanket scarf of course!” After all, it is the fall which means I am finding any excuse to wear scarves with my various outfits. This dress comes in many colors I decided to go with a classic black dress that I could then dress up with colorful scarves and jewelry accessories. Ideally, I would wear it with some adorable boots but I need to buy a new pair so right now I wear it with my simple black flats.



What I love about the Long Sleeve Swing dress?


  • I love the high collar. (when I first saw the dress, I thought the high collar would bother me, but it totally didn’t!) The high collar actually gives the dress a more sleek look and is great for wearing statement necklaces!
  • I love the long fitted sleeves. Not only are the sleeves sleek and slimming but they add a bit f warmth as the weather gets cooler.
  • I love how the dress drapes making it more flattering on figures that aren’t perfectly skinny.
  • I love how soft and flowy the material is. When I put the dress on for the first time I didn’t want to take it off (especially once I also added the supersoft plaid blanket scarf.




Though bar far my favorite way to style the Sing dress is with a colorful blanket scarf I have found I also like wearing with a simple long necklace or with a colorful statement necklace, scarf, and belt. Other ideas for styling this versatile dress are playing it (with like a jacket, vest or Kimono)  dressing it up with a long large pendant necklace, and don’t forget cute hats. It would look great with a wool fedora and ankle boots.


unnamed-17  unnamed-18


You can snag your own Long Sleeve Swing Dress over at Cents of Style for only $21.95 + Free Shipping this weekend with the coupon code: DRESS2016




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