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Looking for some great Books to Teach Gratitude to your kids this Thanksgiving?


Books are a great resource for teaching without personally preaching to your children. Through the stories powerful principles can be clearly illustrated in a way easy for your kids to understand. Because these principles are illustrated so easily though a story they are more likely to make a lasting impression.


9 Kids Books About Gratitude Perfect For Thanksgiving!


Here are 10 of my favorite kid’s books that teach about Gratitude perfect for the Thanksgiving Season.


1.The Giving Tree

the-giving-treeThis is one of my favorite books as a child. I loved the example of the loving tree who is willing to give everything for the boy she loves. Which contrast sharply with the selfishness of the boy who thinks only of himself.



2.The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings


My kids love the Berenstain Bears books. In this one Mama bear teaches her cubs about how to be grateful for what you have instead of always thinking of what you do not.


3.The Seven Silly Eaters

the-seven-silly-eatersIn this book each of MRS. Peters seven children are extremely picky eater who have no idea of how much work they put their mother through to make each child their food each day. That is until they decided to make their mother Breakfast in bed for her birthday.


4.Bear Says Thanks

bear-says-thanksBear decided to say thank you to his friends by throwing a feast. However, when all his friends show up with different platters of food to share Bear realizes his cupboards areWhatpty. What is he to do?



5.Gratitude Soup


This is a precious story of how Violet the purple fairly learns how to make Gratitude soup by thinking of everything she is thankful for.



6.Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are


I love this Dr. Seuss hits it home with how lucky we all really are. “When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue, when you start to get mad . . . you should do what I do!”





thankfulThis Charming book is filled with Rhymes and delightful Illustrations all geared toward showing thankfulness.



8.The Blessings Jar

the-blessing-jarIn this sweet story, Punky Grace’s wise grandmother helps her turn her grumpy morning around my suggesting they have an adventure together to fill her blessing Jar. Punky soon discovers that blessings are enough to outweigh a bad day.



9.Just So Thankful (Little Critters)

just-so-thankfulThis story Little Critter soon discovers that money and things are everything. There are some blessings money can’t buy



Do you have a favorite kids book that teaches about thankfulness that isn’t on this list? If so what is it?


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