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I adore November and not just because it is my birthday month. I love that as we near Thanksgiving hearts and minds are turned to Gratitude.  Honestly, it is my belief that no matter how hard or humble our circumstances (and trust me I have had some doozies in my life) there are still ALWAYS things to be grateful for. I also believe that Gratitude is the key to happiness and JOY! Maybe Christmas is what it is because our hearts are prepared by thanksgiving. 





My family has faced some tough times these last few years what with my husband losing his job weeks after our third child was born and not long after buying our first house. Then when despite all his efforts when my husband was unable to acquire another job making the scary but exciting step to start our own business (my husband creating apps with his best friend and me starting this blog and an Etsy Shop.). This year has also seen selling our home and most of our belongings in preparation for an epic adventure. Have I mentioned yet that after much discussion and planning my husband and I have decided to get and RV and travel across the US with our children for a year or two? (though we might be heading to Europe for a few months first). After all,now that we work from home we are freed to do such a thing. Not to mention that doing so would cost us less than renting a two bedroom apartment where we are currently living. However, in the mean time we have been staying with my parents (all 5 of us in 1 bedroom). Yes, it has been just a bit stressful these last 2 years.




Whenever the stress gets to me and life seems too hard, I like to play Pollyanna’s “Glad Game” and think of all the ways I am blessed. Each time I do this I am quickly humbled that despite all the stress I have had in my life that the Blessing far outweigh them. Despite all my difficulties, my life has been filled with many tender mercies.


I have my life, my health, my gifts and talents to use to create, share, and bless others. I have an amazing husband who is hard working incredibly talented (I often use his custom illustrations in my design work) funny, intelligent, and sexy to boot. I have 3 crazy awesome (emphasis on the crazy and awesome) kids that wear me out but bring me such joy. I will never take for granted the fact that even though I have gotten incredibly sick with each of my pregnancies I have still been able to conceive and bare 3 healthy children (I have many friends and family who have not been so blessed. )




I have this blog where I get to share my thoughts, ideas, and creations to bless others. I have my religion with gives me direction, peace, hope and perspective. I have great friends and family who even if they think we are half crazy for what we are getting ready to do are still supportive. I have the blessing of a good computer, phone, and camera which make blogging and social media a lot easier. I am grateful for online resources like Youtube, Lynda, and Pinterest which I utilize all the time to learn new skills. I have access to thousands of books (between my own collections, the library, and online sites) to improve my mind and set my imagination soaring. I live in a world with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, mounts, forests, deserts, oceans, prairies, breathtaking seasons, and incredible animals…


The list can go on and on and with each item I add I feel more and more humbled and filled with a desire to express that gratitude. Whether by othering thanks wherever I can, serving others or even by wearing a fun shirt that embodies how I feel inside. Yes, this Thanksgiving I am truly Thankful, Grateful, and Incredibly Blessed.




As I mentioned above, today is Fashion Friday over at Cents of Style  and I love their Thankful. Grateful. Blessed Shirt that they are offering for FREE with any $25 purchase this weekend (Anything on their site is free game – any purchase that totals $25 qualifies for the free t-shirt.)! Isn’t that awesome?!? I am all about Free stuff especially when it is as cute as this shirt!



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**This shirt comes in two styles one is white with copper and Pino with white. Both are super cute!

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