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Looking for a Fun and Easy DIY Nativity Set to make this Year? Try this Magnet Nativity. Your kids will LOVE it!


I love nativities. Every year for as long as I can remember my mother has collected a new nativity set for Christmas. I too like to collect nativities, however since my children are all really young, I have been focusing on acquiring and making kid friendly nativities.  Last year I had my husband draw me a custom nativity for me to use to make a wood block nativity set (which  turned out super cute.) This year I decided to use those same illustrations to make a Magnetic Nativity Set with my new Cricut Explore Air 2.  I had never used Cricut’s Printable Magnet sheets and was excited to see how they would turn out. The whole process was easier than I expected and the results were darling.

Materials Needed:



  • First I uploaded all the nativity PNG Images (Get Images for FREE HERE) into my Cricut Design Space Canvas. Then I sized them as big as I could to fit onto 3 Printable Magnet sheets (since they come packaged with 3 sheets. Depending on whether you want the whole set or just a few of the characters you can  make the illustrations larger.

  • Once I had the size correct for each illustration. I clicked the Cricut Go button.

  • Then I clicked to print the design on my Canon inkjet Printer. *I placed the printable Magnet sheets faced down in the paper try to make sure it printed on the correct side.


  • After the designs were printed on the magnet sheets I carefully placed the first sheet on a strong grip cutting mat aking sure the top left edge was perfectly lined up with the top left corner of the cutting mat.
  • I fed the cutting mat into the Cricut set the dial to custom (and selected Printable Magnet sheets on the design space dropdown), added the deep cut blade to my Cricut Explore Air 2, and clicked the Cricut go button on my machine.

  • After the Cricut had finished cutting out all the designs on the page I carefully peeled away the excess magnet sheets and using the Cricut tools carefully removed each nativity magnet from the mat before putting them on the fridge.
  • I repeated this process for all three pages.

*As a  note Cricut’s Printable Magnet sheets are thin so the magnet nativity set is probably better for kids (aged 6+) or just as a fun decoration.

While I had originally made this Nativity set for my family my parents loved it so much I gave it to them to add to their nativity collection (Since we were flying out of the country a few days later and wouldn’t get to bring it with us anyways). I’ll have to make another set for my family next year when we are back from exploring Europe.


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