Teach your Children the Joy of Serving by celebrating the 12 days of Christmas for a Neighbor!


Growing up I loved the classic Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” Its a song all about giving to show your love.  As I grew older it became sooo much fun to pick a friend or family member to do the Twelve days of Christmas to. No, I don’t give gold rings, geese, drummers etc. Normally I give simple gifts like bags of popcorn, soda, and chocolate. IT is the spirit of the gift giving that makes it magical. First off it is a secret. you aren’t doing it for you, but rather all for them.


Now that I have children, I love this tradition even more. Why? because it is a fun way to help my children focus on giving rather than receiving during the Christmas season. This year I thought it would be fun to design some fun printables to attach to each gift rather than just writing out a message. You can download the free Twelve Days of Christmas Printable tags HERE! 


While many like to do the Twelve Days of Christmas on the twelve days leading up to Christmas Day, traditionally it is supposed to start on Christmas day and go till Jan the 5th. I love doing it during this timing because it is a great way to keep that Christmas spirit going after all the presents are unwrapped and the goodies traditionally opened.


I made the printable tags to fit 4 per a sheet and formatted them in the PDF (ready to print) format. Each one says ” On the __ Day of Christmas my neighbor gave to me ___” so you can fill in what that day’s gift is. (Get FREE Gift Tags HERE)


A few ideas for what you could give:

A Fruit or fruits (Pineapple, Cuties, Apples, Pears, Oranges…)

Soda or Sparkling Cider

Microwave Popcorn (a Box or ## of packages)

Homemade goodies

Stretchy Gloves

a small card game

Candy bar

Handmade gift

Hand Soap

Gift Cards (Redbox, Netflix, Starbucks…)

Snacks (like Granola bars, fruit snacks


Jar Mixes


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    1. Sorry about your issues downloading the PDF file. I found and fixed the problem and have emailed you the file directly.

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