Parenthood is basically playing Pokémon Go. Let me show you why…


Months ago (about 48 hours after it was released in the US) my brother and sister introduced my husband and I to the now crazy popular game Pokémon Go. Though I had grown up in the height of the Pokémon craze I have to say I have never seen any of the tv shows, played any of the games or collected the trading cards. Probably the only Pokémon I recognized was the famous Pikachu. (which is just tooo cute not to know). Oh, I have known about Pokémon I just never got into it…Until now.


Up until a couple weeks ago my husband, kids and I spent a good amount of time going on long enjoyable walks together hunting Pokémon, finding Poké stops and trying to take over Poké Gyms. (The only reason I haven’t played much the last few weeks is that unfortunately Pokemon and stops as more scarce on the Greek island my family has been stay on. once we head off to our next destination I m sure we will start playing again.).



Yep, I have gotten a crash course into the Pokémon universe and I have loved it. As I have been playing I couldn’t help but see the many correlations between the Pokémon Go game and parenthood.


Here are my Top 10 favorites.


  1. You spend way too much time chasing after your kids trying to catch them.
  2. When you find them some kids are easier to catch than others.
  3. Sometimes it takes food to catch kids.
  4. You can lure your kids to you.
  5. Kids like to go where there are lots of people like parks
  6. Some kids are really cute and other are really weird looking but they are all of value.
  7. No two kids are exactly the same. They all have different strengths and weaknesses.
  8. After catching your kids you then expend a TON of energy and resources training them. When you run out (which we all do) you need to take the time to seek more.(isn’t it interesting that poke’ stops are found at churches, parks, stores and places of interest?)
  9. It’s easy to equate your value as a parent by how awesome your kids are and what they can do in comparison to other’s kids. 
  10. There are a ton of tricks and hacks out there by so-called experts. Some actually work but most are just useless myths.


Like with the game itself, those who aren’t parents probably won’t get it. But that’s ok. Those of us with kids totally can see it. What is your favorite correlation between parenthood and Pokémon Go??


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