Why Meh Parent’s Ever? Because not all of us can be #1


As many of you know, my husband Rory is a talented artist. Last year I asked him if he would create a fun Parenting Humor Comic series for The Quiet Grove. He was happy to do so. The name he came up with for this Comic Series is Meh Parents Ever. Check back every Monday for a new MPE Comic as we celebrate #parentlife at its finest. 


For our first comic, we decided to share one of our “True Story Moments”. Let face it, Parenting is hard and messy and filled with mistakes. Sometimes we have to laugh at our life as parents so we don’t cry or scream. I’ll never forget the moment I heard my youngest (who was probably 5 or 6 months at the time) screaming like a banshee from the master bathroom. With nightmare visions of what sort of danger he could have found himself in, I rushed to the rescue. What I found upon bursting in the bathroom caused me to stop in my tracks and burst into laughter. There was my husband sitting on the toilet reading comics on his cell while trying to go to the bathroom and behind my disgruntled husband was my baby. He was frantically flapping his arms up and down as he tried to unstick himself from behind the toilet.




I don’t know what possessed my son to crawl behind the toilet (ummm can I say yuck?) but he obviously miscalculated how much room there was and had gotten himself firmly stuck. It took a bit of pulling and twisting but I finally got him free. Then quickly gave him a bath. after all, no matter how clean my husband and I try to keep our home a bathroom is a bathroom and we do have two other small children who sometimes miss the mark when using the toilet.


Yes, sometimes being a parent means we don’t get the privacy we would like even when going to the bathroom. It was after this incident my husband started locking himself in the bathroom regardless of the screaming and begging from our children who would like to follow. Sadly I didn’t always have that luxury.


Stay tuned for next Week’s installment of Meh Parents Ever, and if you like what you see make sure to share it with your friends! 

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