Everyone views babies in a different way. Today’s Comic is all about how Mothers view babies.


Seriously, why is it that mothers are willing to carry a baby for over 9 months (in many cases experiencing discomfort in the form of morning sickness, swollen ankles, acid reflux, headaches, back pains and more) in order to suffer the excruciating pains of labor and delivery to bring a baby into the world. Maybe it is because we see how precious these little beings who are so dependent on us really are.



Having children isn’t a walk in the park. At least not for me. Raising them is even harder. Motherhood has ups and downs and at times you feel as if you have nothing else to give only to then turn around and give more. And yet it is worth it. Beyond worth it.  For there is nothing to compare to the unconditional love of a child. And whether a mother through birth or adoption, it doesn’t matter. A mother’s love for her children knows no bounds either.

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