Need some help with how to get your kids to disconnect from Technology?


Too often these sort of posts are all from the viewpoint that technology is bad and it is our duty as parents to keep our kids away from it. Personally, I don’t agree. Technology is a great thing. It is inspired. It is also a reality for the world we live in. Many of us adults HAVE to use technology for our work. I know that as a Graphic designer and Blogger I HAVE to be on my computer for several hours a day (or night since often I work while my kids are asleep). My husband is a graphic designer/illustrator who is developing game apps with his best friend. This too requires hours on the computer each day. Not for fun and games but actual work. Most of my friends and family have to use computers to some degree for their work too. Our children most likely will use them even more then we do some day. This is why I believe we do our children a disservice if we try to keep them away from technology.


With that said, I do agree that too much screen time is not healthy for children or adults either.  As parents, we set the example for our children i how to find that balance between being connected and stepping away.  I think the best way to do that is by scheduling time away from technology as a FAMILY. That’s right. It is not enough to just tell our kids to get off their computers, game systems or kindles, we need to shut down our electronic of choice and engage with our children.



Here is a list of 10 Activities you can do as a family that don’t involve electronics to get you started:




1-Go on a Family Bike Ride

Biking together is not only a great way to disconnect from technology it is also a great source of exercise and physical activity!


2-Go on a Family Walk or Hike

Whether you go on a walk of your neighborhood, through the city streets or go hiking on a nearby trail walking is a great opportunity to unwinds, talk, relax and bond.



3-Have a family Game Night

I adore game nights there are soo many fun games you can play as a family (no matter how old or young your kids are.)


4-Make a Cookies (or another favorite family Treat) to gather

We adore cookies in my home which means we have a lot of great recipes like Sour Cream Sugar Cookies that we like to make. We also like to try new ones. Often we prefer to make enough to snack on some dough, eat fresh cookies, give some away and freeze some for later. Cooking this many cookies takes time but can be a fun activity if everyone works together.



5-Do a Family Service Project

There are a lot of Service projects you can do as a family. For ideas on what sort of service projects you can do as a family check out my post on How to Raise a Service, Oriented Family.


6-Have a Family Scavenger Hunt. 

This might take a bit of planning on the parents part, but can be a lot of fun for the whole family.



7-Family Reading Hour

Growing up I loved Family reading time. Usually, mom picked the books but she tried to pick books she knew we would all enjoy. If your kids are older then you can let them take turns picking the book to read as a family.


8-Make a family Vision Board

Get a large poster board and fill it with pictures representing what you want to do and be as a family. From Vacations to goals to ideal life. Everyone gets to have input to what goes on the board and then it is put somewhere everyone sees.



9- Go play at the park
No, I am again not talking about sending your kids to the park by themselves or even walking them there but standing to the side while they play. I am talking about PLAYING at the park with your kids. Get on the equipment, play tag, throw a ball around. Your kids will love it and you will find that you will too!


10- Have a Family Parties

Now I am not talking about extended parties with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. I am talking about intimate family parties just to celebrate whatever and have fun as a family (parents & kids)


We all need time away from technology even if only once a week. A time where we can laugh and play and bond as a family. As we do so we will find that our minds, as well as our bodies, are rejuvenated and we are better able to utilize and appreciate the technology we are blessed to have available to us. We will also find that our relationship with our children is deepened and strengthened. So totally a win/win.


What are your favorite ways to disconnect as a family? If it is not on my list please share!



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