This Week’s Meh Parents Ever Comic is all about how Dads View a Baby.


I laughed so hard when my husband showed me this comic. Why? I can’t tell you how often I have heard Dads (especially soon to be dads) remark about how much a child costs. Often these comments are not made in a happy tone. Sometimes I have seen this focus on cost cause dads to be afraid to have children (as in more than one) thinking they just can’t afford to provide for them.


On the flip side, I can’t tell you how many fathers I have seen completely head over heels in love with their children.  The best is that I am not talking about different dads. often it is the same dad who complains about the cost of the child that are completely wrapped around their kid’s dainty little fingers. That’s why I laugh when I see this comic or hear this common response from dads. They may want you to think they see their kids as just $$ but the truth is that just like mom’s they love their children more than they often know how to express.


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