This week’s Meh Parent’s Ever comic is about how Grandmas view babies.


Maybe it comes with their age and experience or mature mother heart but it is a universal fact that Grandmothers view babies as little angels sent down from above. They know that babies though trying are pure and innocent and the greatest blessing we will ever know. Thanks to this understanding of babies, Grandmothers are able to encourage us parents who are at our wits ends caring for these precious “Angels” to be patient and understanding.


Meh Parents Ever: How People View Babies Part 3


Yes while we as parents may want to point out to our grandmas that these “angels” have convenient little horns holding up their halos. Our wise Grandma’s remind us in those sleep-deprived, frazzled, and stressed out moments of parent life that these hard moments will pass. that our babies though hard to sometimes handle are little angels who will all too soon grow up,  spread their wings, and start their own families. They tell us that though the now may be hard, someday we will miss it. They advise us to cherish the moments for they pass all to soon.


I am so grateful for the wisdom of the Grandmothers in our lives who help us to see our precious babies for what they really are.  Little angels sent from above to bless our lives and bring us closer to our maker if we will let them.


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