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Quincy St. Claire lives for one thing. Her beloved printing company The Q.


Started by her Uncle Ezekiel The Q (a publication that get this…Only printed Questions. How ingenious is that?!?) was now all but run by Quincy St Claire. All but cutting herself off from most people and their messy emotions and lives Quincy is content to spend her time among the working symmetry of the printing machines and financial books, dreaming up her next course of action to make The Q the greatest publication in all of Europe. Working long exacting hours, sleeping in a small room above The Q instead of in a luxurious home which she could easily afford Quincy was more than content with her life.



That is until the death of her Uncle Ezekiel who (though she wouldn’t admit it to even herself) she loved more than even The Q. Though she should have known it was coming (after all he was 93 years old.) Quincy never imagined life without the great man who had saved her from her devastating existence as an orphan working away her childhood in a foundry and given her purpose in work at than later running The Q.


Wanting more for his niece than her cold existence cut off by choice from most human connection, appreciation of beauty and understanding of LOVE; Ezekiel sets into motion at his death a scheme to end all schemes. Quincy was given 1 year from her Uncles death to complete 12 “tasks”  or she would lose The Q. Here is the catch, she was not allowed to know what the tasks were until she managed to complete them. Even worse, the only person who knew what the 12 tasks were, the person who would determine if she had fulfilled one of the mysterious tasks, the man who held the fate of the Q in his too pale slender hands was her Arch Enemy The Q’s solicitor Mr. Arch.


And so begins the The Q. I won’t give away any more details about what transpires in this amazing book (since I don’t want to spoil it for you) though I will mention that Quincy’s journey includes an infamous Smuggler who is always one step ahead of the law, a group of powerful Kingmakers, Select giants in the newspaper world, and even a chance butterfly.



Back in October, I was approached by one of my favorite new authors Beth Brower. She offered me a pre-release copy of her Book THE Q in order for me to write up an honest review on my site. Of course, I said yes. I was already dying to read her latest book since I absolutely LOVED her High fantasy books The Imirillia Trilogy published earlier in 2016.  (Check out my review for The Queen’s Gambit and The Ruby Ruby here.) So even though I knew this latest book was more of a historical fiction (totally different genera) I was still excited to read it.


It was right after I got this book however that my husband and I decided to take advantage of the inexpensive airline prices to go on a full-time family travel experience in Europe for the next several months. Over the next few hectic weeks before we left I didn’t have any time to call my own. Reading became an impossibility. It wasn’t until I got on our 10+ hour flight from California to London that I was able to open the book and really begin to read.


I have always approached each new book with a combination of excitement and trepidation. Will this book become a delightful addition to my beloved library? A book that I will go back to over and over again? Or will it become one of the books that I discard soon after finishing never to think of again? I am happy to report that The Q is certainly one of the best books I have read in a while (and seriously I read hundreds of books each year). I was soo caught up in the story I had to force myself to put the book down to get some needed sleep on the second half of the flight and then after we got to our destination I stole every spare moment I could till I finished the last page.


As I read, I found that I had to put down my book periodically just to ponder what I had read before picking it back up to dive right back into the story. Beth Brower certainly has a way with words (far better than I do). Her story will captivate you and leave you wanting to reach out and embrace life and the people blessed to be in it. I highly recommend this book. You can purchase The Q on Amazon as a paperback or ebook.



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