This Week’s Meh Parents Ever is all about how Grandpa’s view babies.


When I married my husband, my Father-in-law was dying to be a Grandpa. My husband’s younger brother (the only other sibling to be married so far) hadn’t had any kids yet.  Because of this, my Father-in-law dubbed their spoiled pomeranian his GrandPuppy. Now 8 years later all 4 of the Groves siblings are now happily married with kids. My Father-in-law is now the proud Grandpa to 10 energetic personality filled Grandkids. My kids are #’s 1,2 & 7 out of 10 Grandkids. This means that even though we were the first to provide my husband’s parents with the coveted grandchildren, now they are just one of a lot. 

Likewise, I am the 3rd of 7 children. With 4 of us married so far with kids, my parents have 13 Grandchildren! Again that’s a lot of kids. Who knows hows how many they will end up with by the time all of us are married and done having kids. My kids are #’s 8, 10 & 12 of the lot. That means by the time my kids came along my parents already had several grandchildren who they had doated on for several.



Sometimes, when we all get together (on either side of the family) things can get a bit chaotic. Kids are everywhere and noise abounds. Sometimes as parents it can be easy to fall into thinking that our kids are merely 1 of many as far as our parents  (dads especially) are concerned. However, the truth is, that for all our dad’s may joke that our kids are just one of a bunch, our dads sincerely adore each and every one of their grandchildren for their own sake. They know each one by name and personality and they delight in their posterity (even when said posterity is driving them crazy and wearing them out like nothing else could.)


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