It’s Monday which means it’s time for this week’s Meh Parents Ever Comic (created by my talented husband).


This week is all about the “Baby Hungry” people out there and how they view babies. Everything about babies is adorable, precious, and perfect. Babies mean cuddles, coos, and giggles. Most often (though not always) The “Baby Hungry” are women.  Some, old or young have never had a child and desperately want one.  Other times the “Baby Hungry”  have already had a child or more than one but their youngest has outgrown babyhood and they miss it terribly.


Forgotten are the logistics of having a baby. You know the diapers, sleepless nights, loads of laundry, special meals (whether regular nursing, or bottles), and crying. Oh yes, the crying. All those who are “Baby Hungry” think of are the wonderful parts of having a baby. The feel of them in their arms, the sounds of their coos, The wonder in their eyes and their unending ability to LOVE. That’s why the “Baby Hungry”  are always swooping in to hold/cuddle your baby giving you a much-needed breather.



I have to admit that for much of my life I have been Baby Hungry.


I have always loved kids and dreamed of being a mother. Yet I didn’t even meet my husband untill I was 26. I watched as friend after friend got married and started having kids. Whenever I got the opportunity I would ask to hold their babies and would revel in every moment of it. Then I had children of my own. 3 kids each two years apart. Being a mom isn’t always easy. Especially with kids soo close together in age. Now, my youngest turns 3 this year and yes at times I am Baby Hungry again.


When those moments arrive, my husband often panics and is quick to remind me that my time for having kids is passed. With my heart condition and other health issues it’s just not as safe to have any more. I know this. I do. Which is why I don’t get annoyed with him trying to negate my baby hungriness. Instead, I remind my husband when those “baby hungry” moments arrive that I am not asking to have another child. I am grateful for the ones I have. No, as much as I love little babies, I have to say I am also glad my youngest is now potty trained and for the most part sleeping through the night. Just give me a baby occationally that I can snuggle in my arms and bestow eskimo kisses and I’ll be fine.


Just give me a baby occasionally that I can snuggle in my arms and bestow Eskimo kisses and I’ll be fine.


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