This week’s Meh Parent’s Ever is all about how DINKS View Babies.


Do you have any friends who are DINKs (Dual Income No Kids)? I do. And to be honest I LOVE them a ton. They are great people. However, often I have noticed a trend among those dubbed DINKs. When they are around my children they are fine as long as my kids are acting calm, quiet and composed. The other 98% of the time when my kids are high energy, noisy, and rambunctious me friends without kids are very uncomfortable.


Sometimes they even look at my kids like they have horns sticking out of their foreheads or poisonous goop dripping from every opening. Yes, kids can be overwhelming but they aren’t evil or plague-ridden. Ironically I get the most “Advice” from friends and strangers who have never had any children of their own but consider themselves experts due to stying child developement at school or just general observances.



I also get comments a lot like, ” How can you handle 3 kids?’ or “When was the last time you slept? You look Exhausted” The truth as I stated is yes kids can be exhausting, messy and high maintenance. Yet they can also be comforting, loving, and inspiring.



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