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Would you like to know the best ways to save money when planning your Disney Vacation?


It’s already March, which means it’s time to start planning our Summer Vacations. For many of us with kids, that means Disneyland or Disney World. And the most asked questions I get about planning Disney Vacations is how to save money. So, I asked my friends at Get Away Today who are what you would call experts when it comes to Disney Vacations for their best tips. They were sweet enough to offer to write this guest post to share their secrets. 


What comes to mind when you think of the perfect family vacation? I know the first thing I think of is Disneyland. The rides, shows, food, and all around magic leaves me daydreaming of taking my family to California.


Hey, everyone, it’s Rachel from Get Away Today and I am here to give you some tips on how to save the most money when planning your Disneyland vacation!


Our agents here at Get Away Today are Disneyland experts and know the parks inside and out. Not only are they travel experts, Get Away Today also has the lowest prices around. In addition to our discounted park tickets and hotel rates, you can use promo code THEQG and save an additional $10 off your Southern California vacation package!



A great tip for saving money while planning your Disneyland vacation is to buy your souvenirs before you leave. Purchasing princess dresses in advance will save you tons of money versus buying them in the park. It is also a fun way to announce to your kids that you are going to Disneyland. If your little ones still want to buy souvenirs at the park, plan ahead and help them start a savings jar. Give them small increments of money when they do household chores and then they can feel accomplished when they get to buy their prize at the park with the money they earned.


Bringing your own food into the park is another tip for saving money since eating every meal at the park can add up quickly. Disneyland is really great about allowing you to bring in your own food to the park, as long as there are no glass containers or large coolers. You can bring in snacks or meals to eat throughout the day or if you still want to experience Disneyland’s food, a great way to save is by sharing meals from the park.



One of the trickiest parts of traveling are the flights. Prices fluctuate all the time and it is hard to know when the best time to book is. There are a few sites and Instagram accounts that do the hard work for you when it comes to finding those low fares! They give you the option of signing up to receive emails when a low fare pops up, and if you see one that you are comfortable with, book it. You never know when the flights will raise in price and you want to make sure it’s a price you feel comfortable booking.


Like I mentioned before, Get Away Today has discounted hotel room rates. We are partnered with all the best properties in the Anaheim area (including the Disneyland Resort properties!) and when you book with us, you can get exclusive deals like free breakfast, free night specials and reduced or eliminated resort and parking fees. So on top of already discounted nightly rates, you are getting exclusive perks.


Get Away Today also has discounted tickets off Disneyland’s gate prices. With tickets ranging from 2-5 days, you can save up to $15 per ticket. If you are bringing your entire family, that is a pretty big saving, think of all the churros you could get!


As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to save when planning your Disneyland vacation. And with Get Away Today’s low hotel rates, discounted park tickets and exclusive specials, there really isn’t any reason not to book. Not only that, but you can also use our flexible Layaway Lock-in Plan where you can lock in your hotel and tickets at the lowest price for only $125 down. Don’t forget to use promo code THEQG for an additional $10 off your Southern California vacation package and let them know that The Quiet Grove sent you.


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