( I was given a free 1-year subscription to Keepy to facilitate this review, but the thoughts and opinions expressed are like always entirely my own. Seriously I LOVE this APP! You can read my full disclosure here.)


I have found the Best Homeschool Traveling App to keep all my kid’s school work, artwork and memorable moments organized and just have to Share!

Last year my husband and I made the decision to sell our home and most of our belongings in favor of traveling full time with our children. If there is one thing I have learned over these last 6 months of full-time travel, it is the absolute necessity of keeping organized and packing lite. This has been something I have struggled with when it comes to my kid’s homeschool work and many drawings (my oldest takes after her father and is always drawing another picture.)

As any homeschool mom knows, keeping good records as far as homeschooling is concerned is a must, must, must! You never know when you will need to show proof of your homeschooling to officials at home or abroad as well as your official homeschool affidavits from your home state. Records are also good to help you see your children’s progress in their learning. Beyond official homeschool papers, I never want to loose those precious artistic creations of my children. If we were back home, I would keep her favorite drawings in a keepsake box and all her homeschool work in a file for safe keeping. Sadly, while traveling that just isn’t an option. We have limited space and weight limits for our bags (especially when we are flying) and just can’t keep everything that we would like to even if it was kept in an organized manner.
I had been looking for a solution for this problem for the last few months when a friend told me about an incredible new app called Keepy! She uses this app to keep all her kid’s homework and artwork organized and has loved it. So I decided to check it out myself.  I am so glad I did, for Keepy is exactly what I had been looking for. 

What is Keepy?

It’s an awesome new App that allows you to set up in individual profiles for each child where you can digitally save their school work, artwork, photos, and even short videos. which you can record your thoughts about in the written form, voice or video.

Other cool things about Keepy:
  • You can privately share each child’s saved work with anyone you want (like close friends and family back home) and they can comment on them for you to see.
  • You can link your Keepy account to your Facebook account and then save photos you’ve posted there to the app.
  • Through Keepy you can also make the photos you save into books and cards with your kid’s art! (These make great gifts for grandparents as well as memory books.)
I am all about this app being Free to download and for limited monthly use (like 5 pics/videos a month) or just $9.99 a year for unlimited use! (which is totally what we will be doing!) Keepy is on Apple, Android and Kindle fire.
My husband and I love how easy it is to use and that it means we can get rid of all the excess papers when we move from place to place without loosing the important stuff.

With all said and done, I would recommend this app for any parent, but especially for homeschooling parents that are full-time travelers!

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