Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificates

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These Printable Tooth Fairy Certificates are a perfect way to celebrate your children losing their baby teeth!


Recently my daughter lost her first tooth. Wanting to make it a special experience. I thought it would be fun to have her leave her tooth in a container under her that night to see what the Tooth Fairy would do. (**I would like to add that while I believe in being honest with my kids we still like to use our imaginations and have fun with make believe and Fairytales. Which means that she knew I was telling her to leave her tooth so I would exchange it for a special gift, that we would pretend the tooth fairy did so.)


Unfortunately, the timing of my daughter losing her first tooth wasn’t the best. We were right in the middle of prepping to head overseas for a European family adventure, so my husband didn’t have time to design the Tooth Fairy Certificate that I had originally envisioned. Instead, I looked online and found one I sort of liked and printed it out to use.


In addition to the Certificate, I picked up a cute little Hellow Kitty Toothbrush and travel sized Kids Tooth Paste and placed them all under the pillow along with 2 quarters. Ok so I totally went over the top, but hey you can only loose your first tooth once. Since that day a few months ago, my daughter has already lost her next tooth. Since this time we had more notice (unlike that first tooth this next one was loose for a while before finally falling out.) so I had time to have my oh so talented husband design these cute Tooth Fairy Certificates to use. Since we also have 2 boys, I had my husband create 2 versions 1 set in Pink and purple for the girls to use and 1 set in Blue and Orange for boys.


Each set has a Full Page sized Certificate to use for the 1st tooth (to make it more memorable), and 4 general certificates which are each 1/4 a page sized. The smaller certificates have a little kids teeth diagram so you can write in what tooth was lost.  This 4-page certificate set comes as a ready to print PDF.

Click Here to go get the Tooth Fairy Certificate Printables


These Certificates can be used on their own or teamed up with a small gift like money, a tooth brush and tooth paste or a treat.

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  1. I have just a small correction to these super cute print outs! The word is “losing”, not “loosing”. 🙂