DIY Harry Potter Floating Ornaments

These DIY Harry Potter Floating Ornaments really do make a statement.

When I decided that I was going to do a DIY Harry Potter Christmas I knew I wanted to make some classic graphic Harry Potter Ornaments for my tree to go along with the other ornaments I would make. So I got to work designing some classic Harry Potter Graphics.

I got a 6pack of 3 1/8 inch disk ornaments. The kind that is flatter on the front and back sort of like a squished ball (since I figured the vinyl would go on these easier than normal ball ornaments.) The original idea was to paint the inside of the ornaments and place vinyl designs on the outside. Sadly the paint just wasn’t sticking and I ended up ruining 2 ornaments.

So I was back to square one trying to figure out how I was going to make some classy Harry Potter ornaments with the supplies I had since buying more just wasn’t in my budget. I thought about it and then inspiration struck. I had seen floating ornaments made with clear ornaments that look really could. Of course, these were made with clear transparency sheets with designs printed on them which I didn’t have but I had something else that I thought could work really well.

I decided to make my version of the floating ornament with leftover vellum I had from making my Cardstock Christmas Villiage (check out the tutorial here) decorated with designs cut from both black vinyl and gold adhesive foil. I have to say I absolutely love how they turned out.

Materials Needed:


  • For the Sorting Hat, the 9 3/4 , HP,  and quidditch hoops (both layers for this last one) ornaments you will need to make sure that the gold layers are each attached so they are cut out in the desired design. To do this go to the black layer and then temporarily hide it (by clicking on the eye icon on the right hand of the screen) then highlight the gold design and click the attach button. after you have done this for the above-stated ornaments click on the eye icons to make sure that the black layer is showing again.
  • Click the make it button and start cutting.

*The Vellum needs the light grip mat, and the vinyl and gold adhesive foil work with the standard grip mat.

** For the Vellum and Adhesive foil you will need to set the Cricut dial on the machine to custom and then select vellum and adhesive foil from the custom materials list before cutting.

  • Weed each design carefully (especially the sorting hat adhesive foil layer)
  • Use Transfer tape to Transfer The more intricate designs from the backing to the vellum.
  • Carefully roll the finished vellum inserts and push inside the ornament  (it will then open up within the ornament
  • Place the top of the ornament back on making sure the mettle taps are behind the vellum.

I love how the vellum causes the ornaments to glow from the Christmas lights on the tree and how the designs just pop in an understated classy way. They really did add that perfect touch to my Harry Potter Christmas tree. I am going to have to do this again next year maybe with my kid’s names or some classic Christmas designs with more colors.

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    1. The download is a compressed rar file with all the svg files in it. you can get a free winzip program online to unzip the file and extract the svg files.

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