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Easy DIY Infusible Ink Coasters With the Cricut Joy & Easypress 2

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I love how quick and easy it is to make Infusible Ink Coasters with the Cricut Joy!

The Cricut Joy is Cricut smaller most portable crafting machine. Though the Joy is small and you can only use the Joy-sized fine point blade, you can still make soo many fun projects with it. Yesterday, wanted to make a fun personalized gift for our friends whom we are housesitting for in Washington over the Summer. I had brought my Cricut joy and select supplies (including my 9×9 Easypress 2) with me so I could do this.

After looking through my supplies and materials, I decided to make our friends some fun Infusible Ink coasters with a W on them since their last name starts with that letter. I had several different Joy-sized Infusible ink designs and I picked a fun green pattern (technically it was a Mug Press Infusible ink sheet but it worked just fine for the coasters.)

The Infusible Ink sheets are not smart materials so you do need to use a mat. It only took me 1.3 sheets to do all four coasters so I had some Infusible Ink left over for another craft! You can make your own following the tutorial below or pin this post to your Cricut DIY board on Pinterest to make later on.

Yield: 4 ceramic coasters

DIY Letter Coaster with Infusible Ink

DIY Letter Coaster with Infusible Ink

Make fun and colorful personalized coasters in less than 20 minutes with Infusible Ink, the Cricut Joy & Easypress 2


Cutting Instructions:

Open Cricut Design Space and click on Images and search "Typewriter Keys Monogram"

Click the bottom left corn of the image to unlock the image sizing and then set the height and width to 3.5 inches

Select to duplicate so you have 4 coaster images

Click to make and select cut on mat.

Mirror Image the mats

Select infusible ink sheet as material, place the Infusible Ink Sheet onto the Cricut Joy mat & load into the Cricut

After cutting weed design by hand.

Use a Lint Roller to clean off the top of the ceramic coaster blanks.

Place the design (ink side down) onto the top of the coaster using heat-resistant tape to firmly secure.

Pressing Instructions:

Heat Easypress to 400° for 240 seconds

Place a sheet of White Cardstock over the Easypress mat & Place all for coasters close together top side down on the cardstock.

Place a sheet of butcher paper on top of the coasters to separating the coasters from the Easypress 2

Press the coasters with Easypress 2

Let fully cool before peeling off the tape and Infusible Ink Backing

Enjoy your coasters!

I love how the coasters turned out. I loved even more how fast they were to make. It took less than 20 minutes from design to finished coasters using my Cricut Joy & 9×9 Easypress 2 (which was large enough for me to press all 4 coasters at the same time.

I now want to make some more coasters for our family once we get back home. I just am not sure if I want to do a fun colorful design or a classy monogram. What do you think?

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