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Have You Seen Cricut’s New EasyPress 2 Totes?

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POST DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.
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Have you seen Cricut’s EasyPress 2 Totes?


Last year at the Cricut Mountain Makeaton when they announced the 3 new Easypress 2 machines, Cricut gave a sneak peek at the carrying totes they were going to be releasing to go along with the new and improved Easypress 2 machines.


I am happy to announce that those EasyPress 2 Totes are now available through Cricut and are AMAZING!!! They are sleek and stylish with their charcoal and raspberry color while at the same time uber practical and durable! 



Yes, I have all three totes for all 3 of my Easypress 2 machines and I am totally in love. 


Why? Because they have made my crafting life sooo much easier. You see, unlike some Cricut crafters, I do not have my own craft room or dedicated crafting space. Since we live with my in-laws when not traveling (which we do a lot) I store all my crafting supplies in the corner of our bedroom and carry them upstairs stairs to craft on our dining room table whenever I want to do a project with my Cricut.



Before I got my totes I kept my EasyPress 2 machines in their original boxes when not in use. It was the best way to store them to keep them safe when not in use. The problem is the original boxes are a pain to put everything away and take it out again each time I wanted to use one.


Thanks to the well-designed totes not only have I cut down on space used to store my EasyPress 2 machines but I also no longer think twice about pulling out my EasyPresses and Iron-on for quick projects. 



Each Easypress 2 Carrying tote is made with thick padded heat resistant material. (Which means you don’t have to wait till your Easypress 2 is totally cold before putting it away! ). The Totes are made to securely hold (via a strong velcro strap) both the EasyPress 2 and it’s safety base while you travel.  


They each have a front zipper pocket and a back pocket for you to store things (I keep my Easypress 2 Mats in the back pocket of mine for convenience). They also have nice wide, comfortable (adjustable) strap as well as a sturdy handle. This gives you flexibility in how you carry it. 



Lastly, just like the EasyPress 2 machines, they were designed to carry the Easypress Carrying totes come in 3 sizes. Need to know which size to get? Check out the Tote Compatibility graphic below. 



Seriously, If you like to work with Cricut Iron-on (which can be used with soo many materials) even semi-frequently and have at least one Cricut Easypress machine I highly recommend getting the tote to store it in. You won’t regret it, for it is well worth the cost. 



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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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