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DIY Movie Date Night at Home with Cricut

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This post is sponsored by Cricut. The views and opinions expressed are entirely my own. You can read my full disclosure here.

Add a creative touch to your next Movie Date Night at home with this fun DIY!

It is the little things that make the biggest difference. I want to talk about date nights with your spouse. They don’t need to be away from the home or expensive to be powerful. Today I am excited to show you how to make your own DIY Movie Date Night at Home Kit to enjoy with your special someone!

When I first got married I was given the advice to make it a priority to go on dates every week with my husband. At the time I just smiled and inwardly rolled my eyes. Of course, I would continue to date, my husband. Why wouldn’t I? It wasn’t until later in my marriage as the demands of our work, and family made it more difficult to “find the time” to do so that I came to understand the wisdom behind the date night counsel.

Taking time to regularly date your spouse is vital for a strong lasting marriage. While we strive to take the time to regularly have date nights, many of them of necessity are date nights at home after our kids are asleep. I try to make these dates special even if they are at home.

Today I am teaming up with Cricut to show you how you can make your own special Movie Date Night at Home Kit in less than 20 minutes without spending a lot of money. In fact, I spent less than $20 on this kit (including the snacks). I got the coffee/cocoa cups at Michaels for less than $2 each. The 3 plastic bowls came to $2.39 at Walmart. Rather than buy a new throw blanket I just used a favorite one I got last year from Costco. For the labels, I used Kraft Board, Cardstock, Vinyl, and Iron-on.

Even though this project has several materials it is super easy to make. Even a beginner crafter can make this adorable Movie Date Night set up. I chose White, Grey, and Teal colors for my kit but you can do this in any colors you choose. You can make your own Movie Date Night set up following the tutorial below, or pin this post to your Cricut DIY board on Pinterest to make later on.

Yield: 1 date night kit

DIY Movie Date Night At Home

DIY Movie Date Night At Home

I used my Cricut Maker 3 to make this fun movie date night at home kit. This kit included a customized popcorn bowl, his & her snack bowls, cup koozies, and a tag for our snuggle blanket* to enjoy during our movie date night.




Open Movie Date Night Canvas in Design Space -->HERE

Click to make and select the propper cutting info for each mat:

*You will need to select to cut with a mat for the rectangle white blanket tag &both Teal mats (with the tag and cup koozies)

*The mat with the popcorn & his and her snack needs to be set to cut matless.

*The mat with the blanket design & cup designs is set for matless cutting and click to mirror the image on this mat.

I cut the bottom layer of the blanket tag out of White Kraft Board to give the tag extra strength.

After cutting the tag, peel the mat from the tag to keep from bending it.

I cut the Popcorn and snack bowl labels from White Smart Vinyl to put on the plastic bowls.**

After cutting I used my Cricut paper cutter trim the cut design from the roll.

Then I used my weeding tool to weed the design.

I cut a piece of transfer tape to the size of the popcorn bowl design, and I used the scrapper tool to press the transfer tape firmly to the top of the design.

Next, I peel the backing off the cut vinyl.

Then, I pressed the design firmly to the large bowl.

Lastly I carefully peeled off the transfer tape from the design on the bowl.

--> I repeated this process for both snack bowls.

I then loaded in my Smart Iron-on into the Maker 3 to cut out the cup designs and the blanket tag design.

After cutting I used my Cricut paper cutter trim the cut design from the roll.

Then I used my weeding tool to weed the design and set them aside.

Then I cut the top layer of the blanket tag and the cup koozies out of Cardstock using a light grip mat.

I preheated my Easypress MIni to the 1st level and placed the design on the blanket tag (on the easypress mat.

Then I pressed the design (moving back and forth over the whole design) for 20 seconds.

I let the Iron-on cool and then peeled off the backing.

-->I repeated this process for both cup koozies.

Next, I glued the top of the blanket tag to the white backing. and I glued the cup koozies together around the cups.

Lastly I placed a ribbon through the blanket tag to put around the throw blanket. ***


*You can do this with any Cricut machine. However, if you don't have a Maker 3 or Air 3 you just need to use regular vinyl and iron on with a mat rather than smart materials like I used.

**I got my plastic bowls for less than $2 at Walmart

*** I used a favorite blanket I already had rather than buy a new one.

I love how this Movie Date Night setup turned out. The permanent vinyl looked great on the plastic bowls and makes it so I can hand wash them and use them again. Rather than put the design straight on the cups I put them on a cardstock koozie which I could slide off the cups to put on new cups later on. And the blanket tag I can slide off to use again for many future Movie Date Nights.

When my husband first saw the DIY Move Date Night set up I made, he thought I had bought it from the store. He didn’t realize I had made it with my Cricut and was blown away when I told him. I might just have to make more of these to give out as Christmas gifts to my siblings.

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