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Teaching Your Kids to Read With Learning Dynamics

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(I received a complimentary Reading Program from Learning Dynamics to try with my kids in order to facilitate this review. The Views and opinion expressed are entirely my own. Read my full disclosure here.)

Learning Dynamics is an easy to use Reading Program that your kids will Love!

Every parent knows that a major key to our children’s success in life is linked to the ability to read.  In fact, studies have shown that the ability to read is even more important than your IQ in early childhood retention, And yet in the US, the average failure rate for reading in the 3rd grade is 75% (i.e reading below grade level)

While I have to say I am not shocked by this statistic I am greatly concerned. Why is this statistic sooo important? The 3rd grade is the age when you transition from learning to read to needing to be able to read in order to learn.

So how can we help our kids struggling to read so they can have a bright future? Even better is there a program to help our younger kids learn how to read before this important age so they are ahead of the game in their quest for learning?

Over the years (via teaching in a private elementary school and then homeschooling my own children) I have come across many a reading curriculum.  To be honest most of these curriculums I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.  They aren’t developmentally friendly and are frustrating to use.  I found a curriculum that I liked better than the rest and started using it with my oldest daughter.  While she was doing ok with that program she wasn’t progressing as fast as she or I would like and she would often get frustrated and not want to do the lessons at all.

Then I heard about the Learning Dynamics Reading Program and was lucky enough to get my hands on it before it was officially available to buy.   After explaining how this program worked to my daughter she asked if she could do it along with her younger brother.

I love how the Learning Dynamics Reading Program utilizes, Music, Stories,  Flash Cards and easy to use lesson plans as well as worksheets and more to help the kids really learn their reading lessons. Even better it comes with a whole library of books that your children can actually read as they are learning. The first books are introduced after your child learns their first 8 letters and then a few more are added every few letters till your kids have their own library of books that they can confidently read as they learn!

We have been using this program for several weeks now and I am sooo happy with how fast both my kids are progressing. Even my youngest likes to hang around while we do our lessons to sing along and get read to by his older siblings. My husband is a huge fan of the results of this program with our kids. They have gotten to the point where they now try to read random words on signs, buildings, games and more throughout their day.

When learning is fun, it is not only remembered but it becomes sought after. That’s right, the more my kids have learned, the more they have wanted to learn. I don’t have to push my kids to do their lessons, they beg me.  (talk about #MomWin)

You can use my code: Quiet to save 10% on this awesome program! You can order this Program today –> HERE<– Trust me your kids will thank you!

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Sarah Brewer

Friday 28th of June 2019

I just ordered this via your link. My son is 4 and has been asking how to read words, so I started researching. I sure hope this program works as well as it seems from what I've read. I plan to write about our results on my blog. I'm glad I found you so I could help a fellow blogger out via affiliate link. Thanks for the review! You helped seal the deal for Learning Dynamics.


Friday 28th of June 2019

It seriously worked amazing on my two oldest kids. They went from not reading at all last year to reading actual novels (like 7th-grade reading level) though to be honest they only make it through a few pages a day of those level books.

I plan on using this program with my youngest this fall.