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No-Bake/Chilled Raspberry Pie with Graham Cracker Crust!

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Have you ever had a homemade chilled Raspberry Pie?

I have to say that while I enjoy making and decorating cakes I am very much a pie person. Heck, I even have a Pink Lemonade Pie (an ice cream pie with a graham cracker crust…) for my birthday, instead of a traditional birthday cake.

Of all the cakes I have ever had or made my favorite would have to be this Raspberry Pie. My parents got the recipe from my aunt Bea and I have altered it slightly (mainly the crust part) to make it perfect for my family’s taste.

This Recipe makes 1 Standard sized pie. Because of the size of my family and how much we adore this pie I usually make 2 at a time!

Yield: 1 Pie

Chilled Raspberry Pie

Chilled Raspberry Pie

Tart meets sweet in this easy to make chilled no-bake Raspberry Pie in a cinnamon graham cracker crust. It's so good you'll want to make a double batch.

Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 30 minutes


Raspberry Pie Filling

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons corn starch
  • 24-36 oz fresh raspberries ( I usually use about 2 1/2 (12 oz) containers for my pies)
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 (3 oz.) package of raspberry gelatin
  • 1 tablespoon lemon

Graham Cracker Crust

  • 1 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup melted butter


Graham Cracker Crust:

  • Mix Dry ingredients.
  • Melt butter & mix with dry ingredients.
  • Press into a pie pan Bake 8 minutes at 375 degrees.
  • Cool crust before filling.

Raspberry Pie Filling:

  • Combine sugar and cornstarch in pot.
  • Mash 1 cup raspberries and add water to make two cups.
  • Pour water/raspberry mixture into pot with sugar and cornstarch.
  • Cook (while stirring frequently) until boiling.
  • Boil two minutes.
  • Remove the pot from the heat.
  • Quickly add in butter, gelatin, and lemon juice.
  • Stir until butter melts and gelatin dissolves.
  • Chill mixture in the fridge until partially set.
  • Spoon about 1/3 of the gelatin mixture into the graham cracker crust.
  • Fill the crust with remaining whole raspberries.
  • Spoon remaining gelatin over berries making sure they are all well coated.
  • Place pie in fridge to chill until firm.

This last weekend I bought a couple of containers of raspberries at a great price at Costco.  I had planned to let the kids snack on some and freeze the rest to use in smoothies. However, today my husband asked if I could make the rest into a raspberry pie instead. I hadn’t made one since last year which my kids agreed was way too long.  So I pulled out the ingredients and got to work making this family favorite.

My dad has always said that sins could be forgiven for this raspberry pie. Once you taste this delicious pie you will totally understand why he says this.

Yeah, its that good folks.

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Midwest Lou

Sunday 19th of September 2021

Sounds very good. Will it hold a birthday candle?- the daughter likes pie for birthdays, too. Please use a spell checker


Sunday 19th of September 2021

Yes, I have stuck a candle in my pie before and it held up fine. As for spell checker, I usually do use one, I must have not caught everything in the post. Thanks for the heads up. I fixed the errors.


Saturday 5th of June 2021

Oh my heck, I think I found my new favorite pie! This is absolutely delicious, thank you for sharing this recipe!


Tuesday 8th of June 2021

Oh I am glad you like it. It is seriously my favorite pie recipe!

Brandie Pearson

Wednesday 4th of November 2020

I just finished no baking the pie waiting for the chill. Looks delish. Will comment


Wednesday 4th of November 2020

I hope you enjoy it. This pie is a long-standing family favorite. So is the pink lemonade pie which has the same crust.

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Tuesday 18th of July 2017

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Kimberly Pfaehler

Wednesday 10th of August 2016

It looks so good, I have ti try it. Thanks for sharing.

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