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Sublimation for Beginners: DIY Sublimated Coasters with Cricut Easypress

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This post is sponsored by Cricut. However, the Views and Opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Did you know you can make easy sublimated coasters with Cricut’s coaster blanks and the Easypress 2?

Are you new to sublimation and want an easy project to make? Today I am teaming up with Cricut to show you how to make your own colorful sublimated coasters using their square coaster blanks and the 9×9 Easypress 2! This project is so fun and simple perfect for beginners!

Now you might ask, “What is Sublimation?”

Sublimation, is a process using heat activated ink. When pressed at a high temperature (usually 380-400 degrees) the ink turns into a gas and permenantly sinks/transfers into the material it is pressed onto. This design becomes a permenant part of the material and will not peel, crack or fade away.

Can you use Sublimation on any Material?

Sadly, the answer is no. Only certain materials are compatible with Sublimation. If you are wanting to Sublimate on fabric it needs to be light in color and high in polyster (because the synthetic threads hold the sublimated ink better.) If you are wanting to use a non fabric material like coasters or mug the need a special polymer coating to work with sublimation ink. Cricut has a whole line of Sublimation (or Infusible Ink) Blanks available on their site —> HERE. These Banks are materials prepped and ready for you to Sublimate. I will be using their Square Coaster Blanks for today’s Project.

How do I make Sublimated Ink Designs?

Cricut’s Version of Sublimation is called Infusible Ink. They have both Infusible Ink Sheets which you cut out designs (like with vinyl or Iron-on), as well as Infusible Ink pens/markers which you use to draw or color in designs. I have loved using Cricut’s Infusible Sheets and Pen/markers to make fun personal projects. The thrid or original way to do sublimation is to use a sublimation printer (*Learn how to covert a printer for sublimation ink printing –> HERE) and quality sublimation ink. Thankfully, the basic process and materials are the same whether you use Infusible Ink or printed sublimated designs.

Now that we have discussed the basics for sublimation let’s get to the fun part of making the fun sublimation project. Today I am going to show you how to make fun colorful Harry Potter Hogwarts House Crest Coasters!

You can make these coasters following the step by step tutorial below right now. Or, you can pin this post to your Cricut or Sublimation boards on Pinterest to make later.

Yield: 4 Coasters

DIY Sublimated Coasters

DIY Sublimated Coasters

Sublimated Coasters are the perfect beginner sublimation project. They are easy to make using Cricut, Infusible Ink Coaster Blanks, & the EasyPress 2!


Pick your design for your coasters. You can use any design for you will be printing it out with Sublimation Ink. I used my Harry potter Hogwarts Crests designs but you can use whatever you like.

Size your Design and Print the Design using Sublimation Printer & Sublimation Ink (*You will need to manually make sure it mirror image prints if you haven't permanently changed the setting on your printer to automatically do so.)

Cut the coaster designs out using either the crafting scissor from the Essential Tool Kit. (**I decided to use my scissors to just cut around each House Crest design since the background was white. If the background is a full-color design, I would have used my paper cutter instead.)

Use a lint roller to clean off coasters.

Tape the design face down on the coasters using heat-resistant tape.

Place a white sheet of Cricut Cardstock over the 12x12 Easypress Mat. Then place the 4 coasters close together face side down in the center of the cardstock. Next Layer a sheet of butcher paper over the coasters.

Heat your Easypress 2 to 400°

Place heated Easypress two over the coasters and press *with no pressure" for 60 seconds.

Remove Easypress 2 and let coasters fully cool.

Peel off the Sublimation paper & Enjoy!


If you want my Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Design you can find them -->HERE<--

When your design prints out the ink will look faded. That is how it is supposed to look. Sublimation ink is heat-activated so the vibrancy of the ink will not show until it is pressed.

I love how these Sublimated Harry Potter Hogwarts House Crest Coasters turned out. The colors were so vivid and the design nice and crisp. You can use this same process to make your own custom coasters with your own designs using the same process outlined above. I think I want to make some fun seasonal ones to match some coasters I am designing to make with Cricut’s Mug Press.

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