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#10Favorite Nintendo Switch Games for Adults

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The Nintendo Switch Games aren’t just for kids. They are lots of fun for adults too!

If you are looking for some good clean fun this Summer, I highly recommend investing in a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. Nintendo is known for making clean fun games the whole family will enjoy. Best of all these games are not just fun for kids but adults too.

From the games filled with nostalgia from our youth (Hello Mario) to the new fun and creative games that are more recent additions to the Nintendo family there are lots of games to choose from that Adults can enjoy alone or with friends (and not worry about kids walking in and seeing them playing.)

Favorite Nintedo Switch Games For Adults


What is your favorite Nintendo Switch Game? I am always on the lookout for new fun games to enjoy when I can manage to claim our switch. As soon as Switches are available again my husband and I are seriously considered buying a second one just for us to use.

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