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DIY Harry Potter Advent Calendar (with Free SVG Cut Files)

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This DIY Harry Potter Advent Calendar is perfect for your Harry Potter Christmas!

I am currently reading the Harry Potter series to my kids and they are obsessed. They went as HP witches and wizards for Halloween and have asked that we do a Harry Potter Christmas. Even though I love my classic decorations (I love my champaign gold, red and crystal ornaments that I got before I even got married.) I thought it would be fun to do a themed Christmas this year as long as I did it in a classy way. After all, I love Harry Potter more than my kids.

When it came to an advent calendar we considered getting the Harry Potter Lego one or Funko Pop Advent Calenders for they are both amazing. However, in the end we decided to make our own. I got the Cardboard DIY Advent Calendar at Oriental Trading and then pulled out my Cricut and crafting suppliies I had on hand to do the rest.

After painting the calendar base white, I figured out the design specs to cut the drawer fronts out of Cricut’s foil paper. And then used Black Iron-on to decorate the front of each drawer with the symbol of the deathly hallows topped with the numbers for the Christmas count down in red and green foil iron-on.  Originally I was planning on just doing this, but though we loved how the calendar looked, we realized it needed something more. So I quickly designed a Hogwarts Happy Christmas top that I made with Black Cardstock and Silver & Gold Foil Iron-on.

You can make this DIY Harry Potter Calendar now by following the Tutorial below or pin it to your Harry Potter Christmas Board to make next year!

Yield: 1 Advent Calendar

DIY Harry Potter Advent Calendar

DIY Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Learn how to make this fun Harry Potter Christmas Advent Calendar with your Cricut!


Cutting Instructions:

Open up the Cricut Design Space for the Advent Calendar Drawer fronts and numbers. ---->HERE

Download the Deathly Hallows SVG -->Here

(found in the Harry Potter Christmas Pillow SVG Collection)

Download the Happy Christmas Hogwarts Avent Topper - --> HERE

Upload the Deathly Hallows SVG, Size to 1in Wide and duplicate for each day of the advent calendar.

Upload the Hogwarts Advent topper and size to 7 in wide.

Ungroup the happy Christmas and then select all the letters (minus the snitch) and select attach.

Change the two cut lines to score lines (then attach to the Hogwarts silhouette.

(Make sure the deathly hallows and Hogwarts silhouette are different colors since you are cutting them from different materials (I made the deathly hallows a really dark grey)

Click to make and make sure to select Mirror Image for all the Iron-on mats.

Select Foil Embossed Paper for the 1st Material place on standard grip mat.

After cutting, peel the mat from cut squares.

Change material to Foil Iron-on and place on mat shiny (liner) side down.

After cutting merry Christmas change material to Cardstock for intricate cuts, change the blade to scoring wheel and load Black cardstock onto stand grip mat.

Once the Cricut is done scoring switch black to a fine point blade to cut.

After cutting peel mat from cardstock.

Change the cutting material to everyday iron-on to cut the deathly hallows,

Change the cutting material back to foil iron-on for the remaining mats.

Use the weeding tool from the essential tool kit to weed all the cut iron-on

Ironing Instructions:

Heat EasyPress MIni to first heat Setting and place your first square onto the 8x10 Easypress mat.

Preheat the foil embossed paper square for 5 seconds before placing the deathly Hallows symbol centered.

Press for 10 seconds then peel off the backing.

Peel off baking (and set baking aside to use later.)

Place foil number over the deathly hallow symbol (then use the deathly hallow backing to cover the whole design before pressing for another 10 seconds.

Peel Backing and repeat for all the rest of the 24 cut squares + The Hogwarts Happy Christmas design.


Paint the cardboard Advent Calendar White using a foam paintbrush and white acrylic paint. (I did 2-3 coats then let it completely dry)

Use a glue stick to attach each square onto the front of each pullout drawer

Fold the Hogwarts design on score lines (forming a triangle) and glue to the back of the design before gluing the bottom to the top of the advent calendar.

Fill with Christmas candies or toys and enjoy!

I really do love how this advent calendar turned out. Best of all it cost less than $15 to make and fill with chocolates (3 per each day so that all my kids could enjoy the countdown! What do you think?

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