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DIY Infusible Ink Makeup Bags

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Did you know that Cricut now has Makeup Bag Infusible Ink Blanks?

If you haven’t used Cricut’s Infusible Inks yet, then you are missing out. Infusible Inks are heat activated causing the ink to actually fuse with the mase material creating a design with no seams that won’t crack, peel, or fade.

Cricut offers their infusible inks in pen/marker form and in gorgeously patterned sheets that you can cut designs from. To use them you will need an Easypress for you have to heat the infusible ink beyond a normal iron for them to properly transfer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Cricut offers a variety of Infusible Ink Blanks to do projects on and they just released a couple of new blanks to their collection. Today I want to show you how easy it is to make these adorable custom makeup bags using the new infusible ink makeup bag blanks, EasyPress 2, and Infusible Ink Sheets!

You can make these bags using the tutorial below or pin this DIY post to your Cricut board on Pinterest to make later.

Yield: 3 bags

DIY Infusible Ink Makeup Bags

DIY Infusible Ink Makeup Bags

Did you know that Cricut new infusible ink blanks? Yes, you can now make your own infusible ink Makeup bags with your Cricut!


Cutting Instructions:

Open Design Space Canvas for Infusible Ink Makeup Bags -->HERE

Click to make and mirror image mats.

Select Infusible Ink sheets as the material, then load Infusible ink (pattern side up) into Cricut to cut.

After cutting weed design by hand

-->Repete for all Infusible Ink Sheets

Easypress Instructions:

Place a piece of cardstock inside the bag (I cut cardstock to fit. This is just a precaution to make sure the ink doesn't skin through the bag when heading.

Use a lint roller to clean the surface of the bag

Prehead Easypress 2 to 385°

Place butcher paper over the bag and press for 15 seconds.

Place Infusible Ink Design on the bag.

Replace the butcher paper over the infusible ink design then press (with light pressure) with EasyPress for 60 seconds.

Carefully lift Easypress

Remove butcher paper & Peel back infusible ink line while still warm.


I used the Sparkle Mermaid Infusible Ink Sheets for the "Be-You-tiful" bag (largest bag)

I used the Retro Marble Infusible Ink sheets for the "Make Beautiful Things" bag ((medium bag)

I used the Rainbow shapes Infusible Ink sheets for the "makeup" bag (medium bag)

I love how these bags turned out, and I love how easy they were to make. They would make for fun gifts filled with makeup or spa items. The bags are well made and the infusible ink designs are vivid.

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