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DIY Smiley Face Nail decals with your Cricut Joy

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This post is sponsored by Cricut. However, the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Make your own Smiley face nail decals in just minutes!

Did you know that you can make your own nail decals with the Cricut Joy? They are super easy to make and look fantastic! Today I am excited to team up with Cricut to show you how to make your own smiley face nail decals using your Cricut Joy and Cricut’s removable vinyl. 

It is summer and we are on vacation so I thought it would be fun to do some fun cheerful smiley face nails to fit my vacay mood. I am not the greatest at doing detailed designs with nail polish so I decided to make nail decals stickers to use with fingernail polish instead.

Thanks to how small and portable the Cricut Joy is, I had brought it with me and so it was pretty easy to make those fun smoky face nail decals in just a few minutes using various colors of Smart removable vinyl.

You can also use your Cricut crafting machine to make your own nail decals by following the steps by step tutorial below. Or you can pin this post to your Cricut DIY board on Pinterest to use later on.

DIY Smiley Face Nail Decals Made with the Cricut Joy

DIY Smiley Face Nail Decals Made with the Cricut Joy

Making your own fingernail decals takes only minutes with a Cricut Joy and Removable Vinyl. Learn how to make these Kissey Smiley Face Nails with the tutorial below.



Open Cricut Design Space canvas for smiley face nail decals → HERE ← 

Click to make and click to use matless cutting. 

Select Mirror Image for both mats

Select Smart removable vinyl from the materials list & Load the vinyl I to the Cricut Joy and cut with the fine point blade.

After cutting, carefully weed the cut vinyl designs (since they are so small.)

--> Repeat for second colored mat

Cut out each nail decals with Cricut scissors and cut pieces of transfer tape to fit the decal. 

Peel off the backing of the transfer tape and using the scraping tool apply transfer tape to the decal. 

Peel of back of vinyl (leaving the design on the transfer tape.) & Place decal on the polished nail.


Carefully remove the transfer tape (leaving the decal on the nail. 

Paint over the nail polish and decal with a clear topcoat.



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I love how these nail decals turned out. Now my actual finger nail painting left much to be desired. It’s clean I am out of practice. However, now that I can make nail decals to decorate my nails I’ll probably do my nails a lot more often.

I want to make some more. Maybe some flowers, hearts and butterflies. Or some fun Disney themed ones. I am sure my daughter would love them too! The key to designing and making your own custom nail decals is to keep the design simple to make it easy to cut out on such a small scale. 

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