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Free Patriotic “Home Is Where My Heart Is” SVG File

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Unleash your crafting magic this patriotic season with our exclusive ‘Home Is Where My Heart Is’ SVG file!

I am once again excited to team up with several other talented Graphic Designers/Crafters to bring you some fun FREE SVG cut files for you to use in projects on your favored crafting machines (mine is Cricut all the way) . This month’s SVG theme is Patriotic and we have 21 really great designs for you this month.

Celebrate the essence of home and country as you infuse your projects with a touch of red, white, and blue pride! I have always been grateful to be born and raised in the US. I have had several ancestors who fought and even died so that I could have the rights and freedoms I enjoy as a citizen of the United States of America.

Which is why I was excited about this month’s Patriotic theme. When I thought about what kind of design I wanted to make, I thought about how I feel about how I really feel about America. In the end, the one word that come to mind was HOME. Whenever I have traveled outside the US, though I have enjoyed my travels I have always been happy to come HOME.

While I love the history and culture of the many places I have visited and even lived in outside of the US, my travels have helped me gain a greater appreciation for America. As imperfect as our country is, we still enjoy many rights and freedoms not available anywhere else in the world. For which I am profoundly grateful. This is why I designed the SVG to say that Home is where my heart is and in my heart Home will always be America.

Click Here to get the Patriotic “Home is Where My Heart is” SVG cut file

I really love how this Patriotic SVG design turned out. You can put it on shirts, hats, mugs, bags, and more with your Cricut (or other brand crafting machines that use SVG cut files. The possibilities are simply endless.

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