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Top 3 Things That Are a Hit at Every Backyard Summer Party

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(I was given a complimentary Shaved Ice Pary Pack from Hawaiian Shaved Ice to try for myself before featuring in this post. The views and opinions expressed are entirely my own. You can read my full disclosure here.)

Are you wanting to throw a Backyard Summer Party this year?

I am all about any excuse for a good party. In fact, I have helped throw several this year.  Right now, in the Summer months, I am all about backyard Summer parties. They can be fun a refreshing for all ages.

Every backyard party I throw is different. When I throw a backyard party in the evening it tends to be a bit fancier, with lights, decorations, delicious food, and mingling. It has been a while since I threw one of these parties (since I have 3 young kids.). Mostly my Summer Parties (since they involve kids) are held in the daytime hours.

As you try to plan your own backyard party and consider who you want to invite as well as what food and decorations you want to have, here are #3 things that are sure to be a hit!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

Seriously on a hot Summer Day, nothing is more refreshing than a tasty ice cold treat. My kids are always asking to pull out our Hawaiin Shaved Ice machine. With it being an electric shaved ice machine it is easy to use (way easier than the one we had when I was a kid that we had to hand crank). It’s so easy even my kids can do it by themselves (with a little help from me).

To use it, you pre-freeze your ice in a little mold (the machine comes with 2 molds), Then you place the ice in the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine and bam, quick and easy shaved ice. Then all you need to do is add your favorite flavor. I got their Shaved Ice Party Pack with Electric Shaved Ice Machine that came with the electric machine two ice molds, 25 cups, 25 straws and 3 flavors.  –> HERE<–.

Water Activities –

Water activities are always a hit at backyard party (especially if it is during a hot day.) A pool is always a hit but only so many people can fit in at a time. Which is why I also recommend Water Balloons.  If you decided to use water balloons I highly recommend investing in Bunch o Balloons.  Depending on how many balloons you go through they can get semi pricey but the ability to fill up so many balloons so quickly without sacrificing your fingers (having to tie each one) is sooo worth it. At our last backyard party, it only took a few minutes for us to fill enough balloons for an epic water fight for the adults and a bunch for the kids to just have fun with. Find them on Amazon –>HERE<--.

Mega Bubbles

You are never too old (or young) to enjoy bubbles.  And if people love bubbles, they are crazy in love with Mega bubbles. Buying mega bubble solution can get expensive, but making it isn’t. It’s easy to make and they last a long time stored in a container. You just want to have a good recipe.  For a  Mega Bubble Solution that actually works click –> HERE<–! To really achieve those massive bubbles you need to use a wand. Thankfully they are easy to make as well. You can find the DIY instructions for the Mega Bubble Wands –> HERE<–.

Another thing to note is that you will want to make sure you have plenty of shade. ( especially if it is a hot day.) So if you do not have natural shade from trees or a covered porch you might want to consider setting up a tent awning  canopy or two like –> these ones <– 

In the end when throwing your party in addition to including the above mentioned 3 things just remember your rule of 3. Every party needs -Good Food, Fun Activities, and Great People. If you have those key elements your party is sure to be a success!

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Jenn (@jennerinyvr)

Monday 6th of August 2018

Excellent ideas! Having the Shaved Ice Machine would be a big hit at our family BBQs!