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DIY Faux Leather Dragon Egg Made With a Cricut (+ Free SVG Cut File)

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Who wants to make their own Fax Leather Dragon Egg?

Several months ago my sister and I discussed making our own decorative dragon eggs for our homes. We are both Harry Potter fans (well really I adore all sorts of fantasy/fairy tales) as soon as we started talking about how we would make them I got an image in my mind of an Egg covered in Jewel-toned Faux leather scales that I could cut out with my Cricut Maker. I knew it would look amazing, I just had to figure out the logistics (like designing the scales, and figuring out which kind of glue would the best with the styrofoam egg base. I finally got around to making my Faux Leather Dragon Egg and now I just want to make more (especially since my daughter claimed this first one that I made.)

Cutting the Dragon scales was easy. I just made my design and uploaded it into Cricut Design Space for my Cricut Maker to cut. When designing the dragon scales I decided I wanted to add some more color and dimension to my dragon egg, so I made some accents that I cut out of foil iron-on accents that I put on a selection of scales. I am glad I did for these accents really added to the final look of my egg.

You can make your own Faux Leather Dragon Egg with your circuit right now using the step by step tutorial below, or you can pin this post to your Cricut DIY board on Pinterest to make later.

Yield: 1 Faux Leather Dragon Egg

DIY Faux Leather Dragon Egg

DIY Faux Leather Dragon Egg

Are you ready to make some amazing Dragon Eggs that will wow your friends? This DIY project is not difficult but it is time-consuming but if you have the patience the results are magical.


Cutting Instructions:

Download Free SVG Cut File Dragon Egg Scales -->HERE

Upload both the dragon scale and dragon scale with the accent scale into design space and size to .762 in Wide and 1.101 in High.

Copy scales till you have 157 plain dragon scales, and 68 scales with accents (14 Pink, 14 Purple, 14 Green, & 26 Silver accents)

Click to make and then make sure to click to mirror Image all the foil Iron-on mats.

Select Foil Iron-on as the material & Place Iron-on on a standard grip mat shiny side down and load into your circuit to cut.

After cutting using the weeding tool from the essential tool kit to weed the scale accent designs.

--> Repeat for all Iron-on mats)

Change material to Faux Leather Place Faux leather top side down on strong grip mat

After cutting peel the faux leather from the mat.

Easy Press Instructions:

Set Easypress Mini Heat setting for on level 1

Preheat Faux leather scales for 15 second

Carefully place iron-on accent design on scales.

Press for 30 seconds

Let cool then peel off baking.

Assembly Instructions:

Using Hot Glue Attach the Scales in an Over Lapping Pattern Starting at the narrower side of the egg.

Put glue on the larger part of the scales so the narrow parts are free.

Try to evenly disperse the scales with the foil iron-on (you will need to space them out more in the narrower part of the egg and closer together as you reach the larger part of the egg for an evenly spaced look.)


  • I cut my materials out with my Cricut Maker, but you can cut them out with an explore machine as well.
  • I originally thought to use E3600 glue to attach the scales to the styrofoam egg but the glue basically melted the egg instead so I started over and used my hot glue gun instead and it worked perfectly.

While making this egg was actually pretty easy, I must warn you it is time-consuming. It took time to add the iron-on to the selective scales and time to individually glue each scale on the egg. However, the end results were amazing. I love how the jewel tone pebbled faux leather from Cricut and the foil Iron-on accents practically glow in the light. I am thinking of making 2 more eggs with this method one in Green Faux leather and one in Silver. So it looks like a clutch of eggs from different dragons.

While I decided to create my first Dragon Egg with Faux Leather scales, my sister decided to make hers using the Thumb Tac Method. I love how hers turned out (go here for the Tutorial) I think when I am finished making my collection of Faux Leather eggs I will make a few using the thumb tac method as well to mix up my collection a bit

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Genesis Ron

Tuesday 19th of May 2020

Good to know that works too! It was perfect the first time. I learn so much from you as well! Wow great post.

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