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Free Roll-A-Workout Printables For Kids

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Turn your kid’s daily workout into a fun activity with this fun Roll-A-Workout printable.

Each morning before we start our homeschool, we do a family workout session followed by a few minutes of meditation. We have found that doing so wakes them up, clears their minds and calms their bodies making it easier for them to then get their homeschool work done. It also helps their bodies to be healthier and keeps at bay that overactive energy from being confined at home so much right now. To make the workouts more fun I created this little Roll-A-Workout printable to turn their kid’s workout time into a fun activity.


Set the timer for 20 minutes pull out dice and start rolling. Then you do the workout activity associated with the number you rolled then roll again until your timer goes off. If you have multiple kids they can each have their own dice and printable card and you can sit back and enjoy their happy energy. It always does my heart good to see my children happy (especially during social distancing and home isolation quarantines.) 

This download comes with 2 Printable Roll-A-Workout cards formatted as a ready to print PDF file. I recommend printing on cardstock or laminating the printable after cutting them for longer life and durability. 

Click here for the Free Roll-A-Workout Printable.


In addition to this fun Roll-A-Workout activity inside in the mornings, I also encourage you to spend at least a bit of time outside if you can (in your own yard if possible) to stay healthy while practicing social distancing and home isolation. Remember, Fresh air and vitamin D (from the sun) is soo important to keeping your immune system strong and your body healthy.  


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